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Title Back in Time
Characters Alec (age twenty one, restarted)
Prompt 31 Sunrise

They said that he had only been gone for a few months, at the most.

It felt like years.

Then again time in the land of the Mists moved differently. They must. After all how could he have gone from a novice to a trained swordsman in two months? It was impossible. In the beginning he had tried to keep track of the days, but with no sunrises or sunsets, no beginnings or ends, it became a useless endeavorer. Looking in the mirror he still looked the same. A gawky twenty one. If he had been gone for years, he should at least look a bit more mature, more filled out. Perhaps even a beard. But he didn't.

Time had stood still for him.

But now, as he looked over the vast Lancoon plains, he could see the darkness slowly fading like ink over time into the first warm reds and yellows of dawn. If he were to look behind him he knew he would see the mist shrouded forests of the Fey, cast eternally in shadows.

Here though, now though, a new day began and he once again moved with time.

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Title Three Days
Prompt Life
Characters Alec

Dying sucked ass )

Title Baseball
Prompt Diamond
Characters Alec, Verra Rose, Braxious

Dad! Dad! Dad! )

Title Refection in the Mirror
Prompt Outsides
Character [livejournal.com profile] element_wizard

Alec didn't recognize his reflection anymore )
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Title Kidnapped
Prompt Stranger
Characters Alec (16), Laruna
Author's notes Taken from my Novel, Call of the Champion.

Laruna lifted her head up with a groan. It felt like someone had hit her on the back of the head. The surroundings were unfamiliar to her, the ground stone cold, the room dark. She tried to remember what had happened. She and Alec were walking in the city of Gezbin… just look around, really. Alec had wanted to see the wharfs and the fishing boats so they were heading in the direction of the sea, but taking their time getting there, comparing the city to the one that they knew at home. And then… she couldn’t really remember. Rubbing her head she sat up and blinked trying to adjust to the darkness.

Read more... )

Title Truth
prompt Broken
Characters [livejournal.com profile] element_wizard, [livejournal.com profile] wars_hunter
Author's Note Messing around with memory is fun!

What had been true... )

Title A little Scottish Spirit never hurt anyone
prompt Spirit
Characters [livejournal.com profile] master_troven, [livejournal.com profile] not_in_waiting, [livejournal.com profile] accidental_evil

Alexander stared at the kitchen table with a frown on his face )

Title Betting Pool
Prompt When?
Characters [livejournal.com profile] alec_troven

The weekly betting pool was up )

Title Questions
Prompt Why?
Characters [livejournal.com profile] little_troven, Kratz

But why? )
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Title, Winter Solstice
Prompt Spirit

They said, Alec was taught, )

Title Revel
Prompt Drink

Alec hated the Fey )
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Title: Reasons
Prompt Inside
Characters: [livejournal.com profile] little_troven age nine.
Rating Fine

Inside was hell )

Title Lady Calwen Topaz Lanquinda Everbright, Last of the Fairy Elves
prompt days
Characters [livejournal.com profile] alec_troven, Marc-C, the Fellowship of the Ring, A Sue.
Rating Mild Sueness.
Author's note It takes FORTY DAYS to walk from Rivendell to where they stopped in the movie. FORTY DAYS. It SAYS SO RIGHT IN THE MOVIE. >_>

The Scene Changed and the two agents felt like they were on some bad acid trip )

title Flirting
prompt Blue
Characters [livejournal.com profile] alec_troven
Rating Cute stuff
Author's Note Pern doesn't belong to me.

The blue dragon raised up on his hind feet )
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title Fuzzy Memories
Character [livejournal.com profile] element_wizard (Alec Alt.)
prompt touch
rating mature, some mention of brainwashy sort of things.
Author's notes/summary Orion is not mine, borrowed with permission. Also trying to de-flake him.

He lay in the gilded cage... )

Title In my head
Character Older Alec or Regular Alec when he had his chaos powers. (It sounds like different flavors of Alec, I'll have a regular Alec and a side of fries...>_>)
Prompt Too much
Rating Nothing to terrifying.
Author's notes: Sorry for the block paragraph of doom.

It was like this )

Title Sight reading for dummies
Characters Little Alec (age nine or so)
prompt sight
Rating Fine for everyone
Author's notes Being dyslexic is bad, being dyslexic and being able to read different versions of the same book is worse.

Alec stared at the page in the book... )
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Title Hatching
Prompt Green
Characters Alec
Rating Fluffy
author's notes Not really canon... but not really not canon. Sort of a what if that's not. Oh and Disclaimer: Pern doesn't belong to me. Just Alec.

This never happened )

title Ponderings
prompt Brown
Characters Alec
rating safe
Author's notes Alec before he knew what a Gary Stu was, musing over the contradictions in his life.

He stood on the beach watching the waves. )

Title So... how old are you again?
prompt Years
characters Alec
rating Brain breaking
Author's notes some musing on being a Gary Stu.

Truth be told, Alec didn't know how old he was. )
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Title Supply check
prompt Colorless
Characters Alec (24) Marc-C
Rating G

what's that you got there? )

Title Breaking
Prompt Red
Characters Alt. of Alec (age 17) ([livejournal.com profile] element_wizard)
Rating mature
Author's notes An alternate of Alec for another game who's been captured and slowly being broken by an Orion.

His palm was red with blood )
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Title Wishes.
Characters [livejournal.com profile] master_troven, [livejournal.com profile] accidental_evil, an Orion.
prompt Death
Rating pg
summary Alexander thinks about mortality.

Alexander watched Nick... )
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Title Sari's little problem. Pt. 1
Characters Alec (25) Sari
Rating: G
prompt: 1.Beginnings

It was red... )

Title Sari's little problem. Pt. 2
Characters Alec (25), Verra Rose
Rating: G
prompt Middles

I found her )

Title Sari's little problem. Pt. 3
Characters Alec (25) Sari
Rating: G
prompt Ends

It had been a week... )
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Title: Morning routine
Prompt Breakfast
characters Alec and Lorac
Author's notes Takes place when Lorac was sane. OoOooo...

Lorac stirred the pot of cereal... )

title: Time passes
Prompt: Lunch
Characters Lorac and Alec
Author's notes Again, when Lorac was sane.

You need to eat lunch )

Title Making a date
Prompt Dinner
characters Lorac and Alec
Author's note Same as previous two.

Romantic candle light dinners... )

Comments and Critic welcomed.
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Title: the Burial
Prompt: 070 Storm
Rating: PG
Characters: Alec (ten), Laruna, Greywolf and Raven Troven
Author's Notes: Longish.

Time past achingly slowly in the room )

Title The Hunt
Prompt 085 Passing
Rating PG
Characters: Alec (16)
Author's notes: Long too.

Sleep didn't come to Alec easily )

Title Turkey Liberation Front
Prompt Thanksgiving
rating PG
Characters Alec (23) Verra Rose
Author's note So that's where those Turkeys came from...

Alec peered outside the Inn )

Title: You're Joking.
Prompt Christmas
Rating PG
characters Alec (23)
Author's notes Yeah, not from Earth.

The woman smiled at Alec, who smiled back nervously. )

We can ask for feed back on these things? Cool. Love some.
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Title Watching
Characters [livejournal.com profile] master_troven and [livejournal.com profile] accidental_evil
prompt: 023 Lovers

Alexander loved watching Nicholas )

Title Sues
Characters Alec (25) Marc-C
Prompt 089 Work

So let me get this straight... )

Title: Things I'm Not Allowed to do at the PPC any more
Prompt: 59 food
Characters Alec (24)

Things I'm not allowed to do at the PPC any more. )
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title:Wooden Guards
prompt: 53. Earth
Characters: Alec (7) and his mom
Rating: G
summary: Little Alec playing

Read more... )

title Safety
prompt 51 water
characters Alec (age 19)
rating Mature
Summary Alec tries not to cry.
Author's Notes: Non consensual sex implied.

Read more... )

title For My Rose
prompt 54 air
characters Alec (age 22) Verra Rose
rating G
Summary Alec asks Verra to marry him.
Author's Notes:some cute fluff.

Read more... )

title Loving Flame
prompt 52 fire
characters Alexander (older Alec)
rating G
Summary His thoughts on the stars

Read more... )
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title Alec's kids
prompt 28 "Children"
Author's Notes Drawings.

Children )


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