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And then the house.

The house held memories of a life pruned. The path this house held in his life had been cut away. Pruned to nothing as it no longer fit. It was no longer relevant. He no longer had a wife and children. In a way, it was a relief.

He never cared for them. He'd never, ever, ever admit that out-loud. It's not something people said. They had been given to him because, of all things, a Hercules the Legendary Journeys episode. The one with the baby dragon who'd been caught and made to burn villages as extortion. At least, he thought that was the plot. The episode was only seen once. But the baby dragon caught his writer's fancy. As things did. So, he became the dragon's father. It worked, because his writer wanted it to work. If he fathered a child, then there must be a mother. Thus Braxious and Verra Rose came into his life.

Ah, Verra Rose. Alec reached up to touch one of the many orange roses that grew on the side of the house. He'd planted them for her. She loved orange roses. But he didn't love her. Not like a person loved a lover, the mother of their children. The emotions he felt towards her were just ... friendly. If at all. Not that he'd ever admit that either. There were somethings that shouldn't ever be said.

Saying them gave truth, even if it was a lie.

Their love was just placed upon them. Because that was how the world worked. At least until his writer discovered slash.

He laughed softly. He could remember all sorts of ways the writer tried to have him have sex with other men when they didn't know it was possible to do it as two men. Usually he ended up getting turned into a woman. Gender-flipping at its finest. Naivete. Maybe even the unconscious realities of the writer's gender-queerness.

Once it was realized though... that branch had to be cut off. The heterosexual one. He could no longer go against his character, right? How else could he grow properly?

Sitting down on the stoop he looked out at the large oak tree in across from the house. There he'd buried his family.

Their deaths had been violent.

It had to be. It had to be final. No going back. No retcons. No miraculous back from the dead. That part of his life was over. Done.

He mourned properly and then moved on.

What else could he do?

Which left only the house.

Should he keep it or should he let it go?

He didn't know.
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It was called the Isle of the Dragons. One huge Island out in the middle of Tarnet's Ocean where the dragons lived. It wasn't the only place you could find dragons, but it was the place that they called home. Everywhere else was their home away from home, even if they never had been to the Island. But every dragon went to the Island. There was only one town on the Island that had humans on it. There was only one town on the Island, a port for humans to come and trade with the dragons.

Dragons were the craftsmen of the world )


Aug. 19th, 2006 03:48 pm
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He really shouldn't have been doing this. Not in the condition that he was in.  He should have been sleeping... or unconcious. But Alec rarely put truck in things that he should have been doing.  This is what he was doing.

By the house there was a tree. It wasn't any tree from earth, but from his world. It was a wonderfully gnarly and old tree with branches that lifted up from a thick trunk.  The leaves were large and flat.  Big enough to use as protection from the rain. It was raining now.  Up in the tree was the platform he had built for Braxious - big enough for him to lay on and observe the world down below in both his dragon and boy form.  Grooves nocked and scraped the bark, from scrambling up in the branches.  Two roots spread out at the bottom of the tree creating a sheltered sitting place big enough for a family picnic.

Alec stood in front of the tree, and tilted his head back, letting the rain wash across his face. His eyes closed as he found the song of  elements. It was always there, but harder to find with in the haze of the constant pain. He could feel them now. Strongly the water and earth, fire just barely and the air whipping around.  He focused on the earth and sent a call to it, telling it to up heave, to lift up.  Mud and then earth pushed and roiled at his feet creating a hole. He did it once then twice more, each hole smaller than the last.

Sagging, Alec almost toppled over into one of the holes. He still didn't have the energy to be doing this.

But it had to be done.

And by him. Only him.

Resting a few minutes brought his breath back.  Then he blurred from the space to the Inn.

It was easier than walking.  He just appeared in the room where his family lay. Still under blankets. Sari still so small and still... she could have been sleeping.   He knelt next to Verra, pressing his forehead against hers.  He didn't move the blankets. He couldn't do this if moved the blankets. But he ran his hand awkardly down the side of her face, whispering to her, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry he was that he wasn't there. That he wasn't able to protect her.  Resting a hand over her heart he mouthed a small prayer, unable to get the words out. 

He blurred the two of them to the tree, having her appear in the hole. There was no way he could have lifted her.  Not with his arm.  He went back for Braxious and then Sari. Each time repeating the little ritual, each time asking for their forgiveness.  Sorry that he wasn't a better father, a better protector.  Just better.

Exhausted he lay in the mud. Closing his eyes and letting the rain wash over him, wash over the tears he cried. 

But he wasn't done, not yet.

Struggling up into a sitting position, he once again sought the music. Loosing himself in it, letting it try and wash away his sorrow.  Letting his mind drift away from where he was and what he was doing.  Pushing dirt and mud into three holes. Covering their contents completely, safely away.

From there he drifted in and out of conciousness, laying, once again, in the mud, waiting to be found.
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Oh Gods... oh gods... they're dead. They're all dead...
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Verra and I got into a fight last night. A good shouting match.

It was about Sari. She's stopped talking. She's stopped saying 'poo'. She just kinda sits there.

Verra says that it's my fault and that I must have done something. Intentionally or not. Braxious turned out fine, so why's this happening to her. And I'm like... no I didn't do anything to her.

But then part of me is wondering... what if I did do something to her. Arrgh... I hate this.
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Lookie another one )

Shoot me. Please. Just kill me. I mean I like Irvine He's a cool guy and everything. And I was hitting on him the other night, but I was just kidding around. I'd never do something like this. I wonder if I can sue for character defimation?


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