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Snow started falling months ago. Winter always came early in the mountains. The nights were long and the sunshine short, if non-existent. Several storms came through the mountains covering up the sky and making the days a dull and miserable gray and the stars hidden at night. Even on the Night of Walking, the cloud cover didn't relent. It made the candles on the paths glimmer with odd halos trying to not beat back the night by the fog and clouds.

It was long past midnight as Alec crunched through the snow, bundled up against the cold. Here he was man than not and the man got could just like anyone else. Most of the candles lining the path were low, but they still were lit. In the now empty cemetery, some where actually out. Alec pointed at them to his companion, a rather cold and miserable Phoenix. The two of them came alone, long after any one was still here.

"You see, as long as candles are still lit the dead can find their way here, if they want to. When you've finished speaking with someone, you blow the flame out so that the dead can return to the other side. Sometimes, if they don't want to come, you can't light the candle."

Phoenix nodded, looking all around. He'd never been to Alec's world before, for which Alec always felt a bit guilty about. After all, Phoenix had shown him his home. But he wasn't really him here and there was story waiting to be done in written, story he didn't wish to cross. He would have liked to have come when he actually wasn't in the city, when he actually wasn't his age. But, then he'd be younger, for he couldn't be in two places at once.

Here he was with Jono.

Which is why he'd come long after the others had left.

"And we're coming to see your mother?"

"Yes. I thought you'd like to meet her." He then gave a bit of a shrug. "I don't know if she'll come to see you though. But I wanted you to see a bit of my life that no one really does. I only share it with people important to me."

A bit of memory flashed as he remembered the last time he'd brought one of his outside lovers here. That relationship ended in a disaster. Hopefully this one wouldn't. Judging from his older self, it wouldn't. But reality was mutable.

Smiling, Phoenix said, "I'm glad you wanted to share this with me."

"It's important. Sometimes personal is the same as important."

The Troven plot was deep inside the cemetery, at the center really. The place reserved for the First Families. A single red obelisk marked the grave with platform at its base where years of melted wax had grown into a miniature valley landscape. One candle still burned, lighting a series of names. They didn't actually bury people, but cremate them sending their ashes into the winds. Here they built memorials for memory. Testaments to their lines, family trees. Their importance and immortality, Alec supposed.

Dipping his thumb in the wax, Alec then smeared it across a name, "Sela" before stepping back.

"Now what?"

"Now we wait and see."
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Title Beginnings Middles and Ends
Fandom Alec's Weirdness
Notes Um. Yes. Been reading Neil Gaimen.

Would you like a lime?

Here, sit down and I'll tell you a story. Take the lime too, I found it somewhere. I could tell you where, but it's not important. Maybe you'll figure it out later. Fridge brilliance. Or fridge logic. I suppose your mileage may very on that. And on those last three sentences. I can't tell you what I mean, because that would ruin it. Private joke. So, a story.

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"Do you realize how awkward you've made my life?" Alec asked. His voice doesn't betray any sort of emotion, from seriousness to lighthearted teasing. His face is unreadable as well. Across from him sits a teenage girl, about sixteen years old waif with honey colored hair and a mischievous look in her eyes. She's sipping on a Pepsi. There's only Pepsi in the lovely beach hut. Coke Cola is dangerous.

"I do, da'," she says. Sari continues to sip her drink watching her father. Her legs swing absently as she sits.

"And of course you went to Phoenix first."

"I'm sorry da'," she says. She's not, they both know it. Above them a seagull cries out as it flies over them towards the ocean. "I really wanted to meet him."

Alec really wants to be angry at her for reappearing. She's supposed to be dead. But then again this her, isn't the her that died, any more than he is the him that married her mother. At this point he wasn't even sure who her mother really was. Likely she was like his older-self, an echo of a passing possible dream. And if his older self was real enough, she was too. There was no question about it. Vaguely he wonders what his older self and older Phoenix think about this all. And then when an older Sari will show up to interact with them. Probably soon. As if she can tell what he's thinking, she gives him a smile. "Right. Fine. See how much control I have over my life." He sighs. "Pass the chips, would you?"

"Yes, da," she says, pushing the plate over to him.


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Alecs are like cats. They're highly curious and good at getting into places they shouldn't be able to. They saunter into places like they belong there and then somehow end up locked in the cupboard yowling to get let out. When they are let out, the utterly meant it. Completely. Totally. Yes. They meant to get trapped in the cupboard/fall off the couch/slide head first into the window. Though they would be highly insulted if anyone ever compared them to a cat.

Alec, being an Alec, being THE Alec is of course king of this cat-ness.

Which is why he's trying to open up a box currently.

He found it hidden away in a closet. Not his closet. Or Phoenix's. Or anyone he knows closet. He's not even sure where the closet is located or how he got into it. All he knows is that there's this box. It's about the size of a shoe box, made of varnished wood with delightful blues and greens painted in the shape of peacock feathers. It's also locked.

Which automatically means that Alec must unlock it.

If something is locked, there must be something interesting in it, otherwise it wouldn't be locked, now would it?

The lock having been picked, Alec struggled to open the lid. It's stuck.

"Bloody stupid thing... open why don't you!"

The lid snapped off, smacking Alec in the nose. He dropped the box and something glittering rolled out skittering away.

"HEY! Come back here!" he called out, scrambling after the small glowing creature. The two of them tumbled out of the closet into a bedroom where a woman and man stood talking. They were both dressed in what Alec would hazard as Greek clothes.

They stared down at him, shocked. After all it's not every day that some strange man comes tumbling out of the closet chasing after a shiny... creature... ancient Greece... locked box. "... oops."
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And then the house.

The house held memories of a life pruned. The path this house held in his life had been cut away. Pruned to nothing as it no longer fit. It was no longer relevant. He no longer had a wife and children. In a way, it was a relief.

He never cared for them. He'd never, ever, ever admit that out-loud. It's not something people said. They had been given to him because, of all things, a Hercules the Legendary Journeys episode. The one with the baby dragon who'd been caught and made to burn villages as extortion. At least, he thought that was the plot. The episode was only seen once. But the baby dragon caught his writer's fancy. As things did. So, he became the dragon's father. It worked, because his writer wanted it to work. If he fathered a child, then there must be a mother. Thus Braxious and Verra Rose came into his life.

Ah, Verra Rose. Alec reached up to touch one of the many orange roses that grew on the side of the house. He'd planted them for her. She loved orange roses. But he didn't love her. Not like a person loved a lover, the mother of their children. The emotions he felt towards her were just ... friendly. If at all. Not that he'd ever admit that either. There were somethings that shouldn't ever be said.

Saying them gave truth, even if it was a lie.

Their love was just placed upon them. Because that was how the world worked. At least until his writer discovered slash.

He laughed softly. He could remember all sorts of ways the writer tried to have him have sex with other men when they didn't know it was possible to do it as two men. Usually he ended up getting turned into a woman. Gender-flipping at its finest. Naivete. Maybe even the unconscious realities of the writer's gender-queerness.

Once it was realized though... that branch had to be cut off. The heterosexual one. He could no longer go against his character, right? How else could he grow properly?

Sitting down on the stoop he looked out at the large oak tree in across from the house. There he'd buried his family.

Their deaths had been violent.

It had to be. It had to be final. No going back. No retcons. No miraculous back from the dead. That part of his life was over. Done.

He mourned properly and then moved on.

What else could he do?

Which left only the house.

Should he keep it or should he let it go?

He didn't know.
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1. Bitch out sister if she's the one who made me angry.
2. Bitch out Jono if he's the one who pissed me off. A frequent occurrence.
3. Sulk in my room.
4. Practice with my sword or magic.
5. Hunt Mary Sues.
6. Fire!
7. Go drinking
8. Bother Kips.

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In a testament to the weirdness of the Inn, no dust had settled on the exposed surfaces in the time he'd abandoned it. Instead it stood static, like a picture, waiting for something, most likely him, to bring it back to life again. Even the contents in the kitchen fridge were still good.

Flipping through the desk sign in book, every name from before was still there. Looking at them, Alec felt a minor pang of sorrow. All these people who he'd lost contact with, drifting away on their own paths from their own choices, good and bad for both parties involved. He flipped the book open to a new page and scrawled the date down carefully. New beginning, new page.

It felt like there should be ghosts, from the violence that broke here. But the man who did it wasn't the same man anymore. Perhaps that's why. Though, it still existed here, he could feel it in the writing on the walls.

Alec walked upstairs to the one floor of rooms. No one being here, no one staying here, it looked just like a normal sized inn hallway, with ten doors on each side. Poking his head in a room, he found that the rooms even looked like a regular hotel room. At least, when he checked, there wasn't a King James Bible in one of the drawers. As the only person in the entire Inn, it responded to his wishes completely. He would never wish for a bible in a drawer. The concept was completely alien to him. The religion as well. What he learned of it, confused him. But that wasn't what was important now.

Going back down, he trailed his fingers on the wood, feeling the grains bump across the tips.

"I guess, we're open, if anyone ever comes," he said out loud to the Inn. Nothing changed. He didn't expect it to, but he knew the doorways to all the possible places where a person would need a place to stay, were reopened.

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To Mab

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He did it in the Summer's Palace, because that is what he was when he'd talk to her. Summer to Winter. Idly he wondered if there was a Spring or a Fall. Perhaps her and his children, not theirs together, of course. But if he ever had a child... There were no shortage of woman who would be willing. Of course, it was the age old problem of them wanting him because he was king, and not because of him. It irked him, but for now, he did nothing about it. It was better than them trying to kill him.

For a moment, he smiled at the thought of getting one of the men pregnant. That would certainly throw them off. But MPreg pushed too many bad buttons for him to actually do more than think about it as a passing joke.

As funny as it might be.

Setting the mirror up in a room that wasn't his bedrooms and surely would be spied upon, though no one would admit to it, he pulled up a chair and a glass of wine, settling himself as King. If anyone asked Alec how he did it, how he flit from self to self, changing his body, his very essence into whatever version of him he needed to be, he couldn't answer him.

He just did it.

The power of Summer and that changing from Whatever he normally was to half elf King sent a brief buzz through his mind. He knew his eyes went from muddy brown to a sort of golden amber, but other than that he couldn't see any physical differences. The King felt serious today. Appropriate, as he was going to talk to his "other half".

Taking a deep breath, Alec spoke into the mirror with a simple, "You wished to talk?"

((OCC:Random mun ramble: It's so long, because I felt the need to explain how he could be Himself and the King at the same time. The King is always there, but sometimes, Alec just becomes the King. Also, on a tangent, I need a "king" icon.))


Jul. 8th, 2008 10:41 am
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Faux Innocent!Alec (for Suicide)

The Pick-Up )

Arogant!Alec for Mab

[Unknown site tag]

The Jester, the Fool had vanished. In its place a king arose. Not a king of the Fey, of the Summer Court. No, a king of something more. A king of reality. He sat, he perched above her, a silly pose normally, but now it looked like a hawk staring at its prey. And she was the prey. She couldn't move. If she did, he would kill her.

"You knew," he said idly. "Chaos touched me." He smiled, a cruel smile on his handsome features. Not pretty anymore. "That was a lie."

Alec stared up at the sky, a sullen purple with thick silver clouds. "I am chaos. I choose to hide it because people don't understand.

"You know though, I'm tired of playing the Fool. It bores me and Chaos doesn't do very well being bored. I think I shall play the Tower." He cocked his head. "What say you?"

She couldn't say anything, he'd taken her voice and fear kept her moving.

"I'm glad you agree!" he crowed. "I think I shall start with you."

She would have screamed if she could.

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In a place not here nor there but perhaps everywhere.

The fire roared in front of him. He didn't create this fire with magic, but instead the mundane way, with flint, steel and wood. People probably didn't know he could do that. He could do a lot of things that didn't require his powers. He was just lazy most of the time. Sometimes though, magic hindered things and they needed to be done by hand. The wood gathered, scratching at his palms, the tinder set and the inevitable battle with the flint and steel to catch that one perfect spark to set it all ablaze.

Flames dancing in front of him, he crouched down to watch the wood burn, poking at it with a stick. He remembered the last time he had built a fire this big. That had ended in disaster. A desperate move that ended in tears. That seemed so long ago. Ages and ages ago.

He had changed a lot. His life and history had changed. Funny how that went. An enemy had turned out to be a genuine lover among other things. Alec's fingers slipped up his neck to the chain he wore. A compromise with Jono over the collar. A man in Alec's position couldn't be seen wearing a collar, no matter how much Jono liked him in it.

A smile twitched onto his lips as he thought of Jono. He felt happy. Something that he hadn't in a long time. A good thing, he thought. Yes.

A good thing.
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Alec had been given bar duty. It always amused him when that happened. Here he was, no where near legal -in the human lands- and he was serving up all sorts of intoxicating beverages. Still, he liked being up in front, watching all the customers. They were so eclectic. Humans and fae alike all mingling in this border village. Most of all, he liked watching one of the barmaids. His mother refused to let anyone call them wenches.

She had large hazel eyes and long caramel colored hair that she kept in a braid. It swung back and forth as she walked. She wasn't as busty or as tall as the other maids, but still she had something about her, a certain charismatic charm. Especially when she flashed a smile at him.

They were going to get married. In three months, two weeks, and five days. Yes, he did count the days. He didn't think it was silly at all. He just couldn't wait. The first day of summer seemed achingly far away. Years away.

Still, they were together, and she smiled at him whenever they caught each other's eyes. The others who worked at the Inn teased him constantly. Calling him a love sick puppy. And they were right.

A yell startled him from his thoughts and he looked up to see one of the regulars towering over her. She didn't seem afraid at all, glaring back at him.

"I said come here," the man growled. A large burly man who looked almost like an ogre, he did manual labor in the village. Alec couldn't remember his name. Perhaps he never knew it. All he did know was that he was threatening his girl.

"And I said no," she retorted. "Now sit back down or leave."

Alec moved out from behind the bar, ready to throw the man out. At eighteen the man was easily twice his age and three times his weight, but he had other ways of dealing with him besides complete brute force. Most of the regulars knew enough to respect the innkeeper's son.

But the man was clearly overly drunk. "We're cutting you off," Alec said as he came up to the man. "Now do as the lady says or else I'm going to have to toss you out."

The man shifted his attention to him. "Is that so, boy?" He could see that the man had entered that drunken stage of clear, but irrational thought. He knew he had to get the man out. And fast.

"Yeah, that's so."

With a massive paw of his hand, the man swiped the girl away from him, sending her tumbling down to the floor. He barely had time to see that before the man made a grab for him. Dodging out of the way, Alec gathered up his power and glowered at him.

"Last chance. Leave or get tossed out."

"Not a chance in hell, boy." The man snorted like a bull and charged Alec.

Without even blinking, Alec sent a blast of fire and wind at the man, blowing him through the wall of the tavern. Panting a bit, Alec wobbled, that was a bit much for him. He managed to sit down on a chair, before looking around. He saw a couple of the other barmaids huddled around his girl.

One of them turned to look at him, her face pale and drawn. "I'm ... Alec... she's dead."
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    As usual, Alec and Jono walked into the large courtyard that connected the five buildings of the University for lunch. Jono insisted that they have lunch together every day. In the beginning Jono had to scare away other children from wanting to have lunch with Alec, but by now they all knew not to bother them. Sometimes Alec wished that Jono would let him be with some of the other children, but Jono insisted that they were friends and this is what friends did. Their usual spot was on a low wall that surrounded a tall tree that was too thin to climb on, but gave plenty of shade from the hot sun.

    "Where were you yesterday?" Jono asked.

    Alec grasped around in his lunch bag for a moment before answering, "I wasn't feeling well."

    "You should have told me."

    "I didn't know I was going to be out," Alec said with an annoyed sigh. He pulled out a sandwich, checking the contents.

    "What sort of sandwich do you have?"


    "Again?" Jono sniffed. "I've got..." and he looked at his own sandwich. "... cheese."

    Alec stifled a laugh, before biting into his sandwich.

    They ate in silence for a bit before Jono asked, "What was wrong with you?"

    Here, Alec hesitated for a moment, thinking over his answer. For here was an opportunity to show up Jono.
As the years had gone by, Jono has consistently rated top in their classes, and Alec still slightly above average. Perhaps fifth or sixth. Which was still good, but, as Jono constantly reminded him, not as good as him. But, Jono wasn't an empath. And this was something he could talk about, unlike his elemental talent. A secret that still burned to be told every time Jono boasted about his abilities. His mother constantly told him how proud she was of him  not telling despite this urge. Praise aside, he wanted to tell Jono. While the empathy wasn't as good as the elemental talent, it was still something. So with a bit of smugness in his voice he said, "I'm an empath."

    This, much to Alec's delight, took Jono completely off guard and he saw pure surprise on his face for a brief instant. It vanished all too soon. And then his delight got crushed as Jono said, Well, I'm a telapath, right into Alec's mind.
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The Department of Improbabilities was quiet for the moment. Alec slept with a book over his face and feet on the console while Marc-C fed bacon to Darth Mull, the mini Rancor that adopted them. It had been like this, quiet and peaceful, for almost an hour.


The computer console took offense to this.




“ARGH!” Alec cried out, falling off his chair, the book banging him on his head. A twitch of a smile flickered on Marc-C’s face as she brought up the latest assignment.


“Eragon?” she said, surprised, “Since when do we get Eragon fics?”


Standing back up, Alec said, “You didn’t get the memo? We’re now the Eragon department too.”


“Like we didn’t have enough to do already,” Marc-C said. “All right, let’s get going.”




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One thousand years later.

Give or take.

The storm was about to break, Raven decided, staring out the window of the small nearly tumbled down cottage. The sky outside was covered with rain heavy clouds, threatening to break for most of the day. Now, however, it was that eerie stillness before the storm; right before the first lightening strike and roll of thunder. He could feel the tension in the air, humming almost audibly to his element sense. He turned away from the window and glanced at the clock ticking slowly over the mantelpiece. Several hours till the day of Spring Solstice.

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It was called the Isle of the Dragons. One huge Island out in the middle of Tarnet's Ocean where the dragons lived. It wasn't the only place you could find dragons, but it was the place that they called home. Everywhere else was their home away from home, even if they never had been to the Island. But every dragon went to the Island. There was only one town on the Island that had humans on it. There was only one town on the Island, a port for humans to come and trade with the dragons.

Dragons were the craftsmen of the world )
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            At the guard’s headquarters Eldric Ruge led Alec into the armory. Much to his delight, his invitation to spar had been taken up.  Alec had just shown up at his office blurting out, “You said you wanted to see me fight?”

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There had been a note at the front desk at the Inn for Alec. A request from Dale to meet him at a set of coordinates. The note didn't say anything else. It was kind of on the odd side, but Dale was odd.   So  after dropping off the  Spear of Fire with the other four weapons and trying to get the blue dye out of his hair (which didn't work at all) Alec portled himself there.

There being a rather random looking rocky planet that looked like Vasquze Rocks. And nothing else really, except for a metal structure with a series of doors.  It looked like it was just a wall... with doors.

But Dale was there.

Shoving the portal generator into his pack, Alec walked over to the Caretaker with a wave. "Got your note."
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Still in his pajama bottoms, Alec hit the outside of the Inn to go to the Nexus. He had to find away to figure out what happened with that dream. But as he walked, he stumbled a little and then frowned for a moment. Something was wrong. He was outside, in his pajamas.

Why was that?

He looked around trying to figure out why he was outside, in his pajamas. But nothing came to him.

Perhaps he had been possesed by an alternate self. There was no way of knowing if that had happened now.

Shrugging, he turned around and went back inside.  It felt like it was going to be a hot day.
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It had been a long day at work. Several nasty sues and then there was a Stu'd Harry Potter who refused to be exorcised. That one had actually burnt the canon book. But the day was done and Alec was looking forward to a quite evening at home. Or at least at the Inn. Home was still a smoldering pit in the ground. Verra promised that she would have plans done at the end of the month. Alec hopped that she was right. He did miss his home badly.  Idly he thought about moving back to the city, as he walked up the path to the Inn. It wouldn't be too hard and he could set up a front in the City for the Inn.  Of course, most Innkeepers lived at their Inns. 


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