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Crossing his legs, Alec sat down on his large (but no where near as big as Vahl's) fluffy bed. The apartment was empty; Phoenix had gone off to do Father-Daughter stuff with Lynn and Vahl still wasn't home yet. It still felt weird calling this place home, but it did feel like it and it felt like it much quicker than he thought it would happen. But anywhere Phoenix was always felt like home.

Still, he was glad... )
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[livejournal.com profile] daemonmuses prompt:

Something you've tried to learn, but were never good at.

The exasperated sigh that Marlina let out made Alec cringe. She looked like she wanted to throw her hands up in the air and stomp off to go yell at something. But instead she took a deep breath with her eyes closed and calmed herself down. Putting a hand on Alma she stroked the patchy colored hound's fur before looking at him.

"Let's try this again," she said. "Hold out your hands."

He obeyed her, following her through the exercise they'd gone through a hundred times (at least it seemed like it) before today. Hold out your hands and call the four elements to you. When you had them all together, merge them into one song. She made it look easy. He could see her do it.

She said it was the basic building block to using elemental magic properly. It was the merged energy that made them special, that let them do things that other wizards couldn't do.

But he just couldn't do it.

Every time he tried, the energies would swirl together, they would twist together, they would loop around together, but he just couldn't get them to become one.

Staring at the four of them, he could hear the song of them whistling in his mind and he tried to get them to melt together. They pushed at each other like bubbles and then just popped.

Groaning Alec put his head in his hands. "I'm sorry," he said.

Marlina sighed. "It's all right. You're coming into this too late. You just need to work on it. We'll try again tomorrow. Go take a break."

Alec stood up and held out his arm, letting Trey land on it. The daemon fluffed himself up and walked onto his shoulder. He looked like he was settling on a phoenix form, but sometimes he took a few others - always flying creatures - but generally a phoenix. It made sense a lot of Trovens had Phoenix daemons. Once done, Alec walked off towards one of the quiet gardens in the fey palace grounds.

"It's not fair," he said when they were out of earshot of Marlina.

Trey clicked his beak. "She's right. You came into it late. We'll keep on practicing. You'll get it."

"Maybe," Alec allowed.


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