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Sneaking Tiwa into PPC headquarters is rather easy. She actually blends right in with all the other crazed agents. The hallways don't seem to make very much sense. They're all the same uniform gray and there isn't any order to the doors and their labels. The agents look like they came from anywhere; Trill and Mindflayers walk side by side with cat people, hobbits, elves and anything else that can be thrown from any sort of media. And then there were the characters! Oh the characters from everywhere!

There was Legolas and Rincewind and Richard Rhal and even a Jane Austen coming in after being attacked by zombies! There was House and Obi-One Kenobi and Faith and the Doctor. All being led by trained looking professionals and all having a slightly dazed look on their faces.

Most people weren't paying attention to where they were going or downing massive amounts of pills and drinks, bitching about things from fan fic and flowers.

Speaking of Flowers, a log moved by, slightly singed. The people in the hall called out greetings to it. It was named Otik apparently.
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The door leads out into a shaded courtyard paved with pale red stones. Two sides of the courtyard is created by the house, the third a stable and the fourth the gate into the outside city. A tall tree with wide, flat, pale yellow leaves is in the center, its roots woven into nooks to sit in. Laruna sits on one of the roots, her fingers criss-crossing a cats-cradle game while next to her stood a man about hers and Alec's age. He has short curly auburn hair on a round face with hazel eyes. He could be nice looking except for the rather unpleasant smirk on his face. He's nuts eating from a small bag, from which Laruna occasionally snags some from.

The air is crisp with the tang of just started spring. Tall mountains cusp the surrounding view with white finger tips. Two moons hang like wisps of clouds in the sky, barely visible. The house is a two story cream colored building with a rooftop that came to a sharp point to prevent snow for clinging on to it. Glass panes protected the windows and are nudged open just a bit to let the fresh air in.

It is a rather pleasant day, all in all.


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