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I've got wings! They're like a red tailed hawk's wings. The feathers kinda tickle, but I can fly! Still working on the landings. Tend to face plant horribly. Almost broke my nose.

Auberon is gonna be pissssed though. I really should stop with the mucking around with Mab. We played strip poker. I've got pictures. >.> Which I shall not share. Nope, not at all. Nope.
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I've found myself pledged to the bright court and to Auberon. Which is somewhat disconcerting as I've never taken one side or another in these sorts of things. And I rather like Mab and she seems to like me. But I can't help her because it would get me killed. Which is a shame. I'd like to help her.

Meanwhile, Auberon has yet to figure out what he wants to do with me.
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Have been speaking in random metaphorical gibberish with some prophecy of doom mixed in. I'm much better now, if a bit sane. I'm hoping it'll go away soon becaus it hurts like hell.

Queen Mab did that one to me. Added order to my chaotic little brain. And then she ... I can't write it. Because of what she did to me. But I'm sure it's not too ... well yes it is. Auburon was... pissy to say the least. Mab seems to think that I'm his new pet/toy. He hasn't said anything to the contrary so I guess I'll have to wait and see on that one. Playing with the fae is like playing with radioactive waste. Damn Dangerous.

Othere that that, I've got some new icons.
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Guh. I don't care what the reasons were or why it happened, rape is never okay. And it never ends happily ever after.


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