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Oct. 20th, 2008 09:26 am
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He did it in the Summer's Palace, because that is what he was when he'd talk to her. Summer to Winter. Idly he wondered if there was a Spring or a Fall. Perhaps her and his children, not theirs together, of course. But if he ever had a child... There were no shortage of woman who would be willing. Of course, it was the age old problem of them wanting him because he was king, and not because of him. It irked him, but for now, he did nothing about it. It was better than them trying to kill him.

For a moment, he smiled at the thought of getting one of the men pregnant. That would certainly throw them off. But MPreg pushed too many bad buttons for him to actually do more than think about it as a passing joke.

As funny as it might be.

Setting the mirror up in a room that wasn't his bedrooms and surely would be spied upon, though no one would admit to it, he pulled up a chair and a glass of wine, settling himself as King. If anyone asked Alec how he did it, how he flit from self to self, changing his body, his very essence into whatever version of him he needed to be, he couldn't answer him.

He just did it.

The power of Summer and that changing from Whatever he normally was to half elf King sent a brief buzz through his mind. He knew his eyes went from muddy brown to a sort of golden amber, but other than that he couldn't see any physical differences. The King felt serious today. Appropriate, as he was going to talk to his "other half".

Taking a deep breath, Alec spoke into the mirror with a simple, "You wished to talk?"

((OCC:Random mun ramble: It's so long, because I felt the need to explain how he could be Himself and the King at the same time. The King is always there, but sometimes, Alec just becomes the King. Also, on a tangent, I need a "king" icon.))
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Fun things to do:

Kill the unwanted Queen of Summer who killed her brother to get the crown and become King of Summer and the Seelie court.

List of things to do:

1. Figure out what I need to do.
2. Figure out how to do it.
3. Throw a party. Mostly because parties are fun.
4. Figure out who here could help me do what I need to do.
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Have decide to make a play for Auberon's throne.

Rather dumb idea.

Maybe should have suggested strip-poker.

Ah well. In for a flake in for an avalanche.

Who knows? I could become King of Summer and Day.
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Alec had been given bar duty. It always amused him when that happened. Here he was, no where near legal -in the human lands- and he was serving up all sorts of intoxicating beverages. Still, he liked being up in front, watching all the customers. They were so eclectic. Humans and fae alike all mingling in this border village. Most of all, he liked watching one of the barmaids. His mother refused to let anyone call them wenches.

She had large hazel eyes and long caramel colored hair that she kept in a braid. It swung back and forth as she walked. She wasn't as busty or as tall as the other maids, but still she had something about her, a certain charismatic charm. Especially when she flashed a smile at him.

They were going to get married. In three months, two weeks, and five days. Yes, he did count the days. He didn't think it was silly at all. He just couldn't wait. The first day of summer seemed achingly far away. Years away.

Still, they were together, and she smiled at him whenever they caught each other's eyes. The others who worked at the Inn teased him constantly. Calling him a love sick puppy. And they were right.

A yell startled him from his thoughts and he looked up to see one of the regulars towering over her. She didn't seem afraid at all, glaring back at him.

"I said come here," the man growled. A large burly man who looked almost like an ogre, he did manual labor in the village. Alec couldn't remember his name. Perhaps he never knew it. All he did know was that he was threatening his girl.

"And I said no," she retorted. "Now sit back down or leave."

Alec moved out from behind the bar, ready to throw the man out. At eighteen the man was easily twice his age and three times his weight, but he had other ways of dealing with him besides complete brute force. Most of the regulars knew enough to respect the innkeeper's son.

But the man was clearly overly drunk. "We're cutting you off," Alec said as he came up to the man. "Now do as the lady says or else I'm going to have to toss you out."

The man shifted his attention to him. "Is that so, boy?" He could see that the man had entered that drunken stage of clear, but irrational thought. He knew he had to get the man out. And fast.

"Yeah, that's so."

With a massive paw of his hand, the man swiped the girl away from him, sending her tumbling down to the floor. He barely had time to see that before the man made a grab for him. Dodging out of the way, Alec gathered up his power and glowered at him.

"Last chance. Leave or get tossed out."

"Not a chance in hell, boy." The man snorted like a bull and charged Alec.

Without even blinking, Alec sent a blast of fire and wind at the man, blowing him through the wall of the tavern. Panting a bit, Alec wobbled, that was a bit much for him. He managed to sit down on a chair, before looking around. He saw a couple of the other barmaids huddled around his girl.

One of them turned to look at him, her face pale and drawn. "I'm ... Alec... she's dead."
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I've found myself pledged to the bright court and to Auberon. Which is somewhat disconcerting as I've never taken one side or another in these sorts of things. And I rather like Mab and she seems to like me. But I can't help her because it would get me killed. Which is a shame. I'd like to help her.

Meanwhile, Auberon has yet to figure out what he wants to do with me.
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Have been speaking in random metaphorical gibberish with some prophecy of doom mixed in. I'm much better now, if a bit sane. I'm hoping it'll go away soon becaus it hurts like hell.

Queen Mab did that one to me. Added order to my chaotic little brain. And then she ... I can't write it. Because of what she did to me. But I'm sure it's not too ... well yes it is. Auburon was... pissy to say the least. Mab seems to think that I'm his new pet/toy. He hasn't said anything to the contrary so I guess I'll have to wait and see on that one. Playing with the fae is like playing with radioactive waste. Damn Dangerous.

Othere that that, I've got some new icons.


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