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And then the house.

The house held memories of a life pruned. The path this house held in his life had been cut away. Pruned to nothing as it no longer fit. It was no longer relevant. He no longer had a wife and children. In a way, it was a relief.

He never cared for them. He'd never, ever, ever admit that out-loud. It's not something people said. They had been given to him because, of all things, a Hercules the Legendary Journeys episode. The one with the baby dragon who'd been caught and made to burn villages as extortion. At least, he thought that was the plot. The episode was only seen once. But the baby dragon caught his writer's fancy. As things did. So, he became the dragon's father. It worked, because his writer wanted it to work. If he fathered a child, then there must be a mother. Thus Braxious and Verra Rose came into his life.

Ah, Verra Rose. Alec reached up to touch one of the many orange roses that grew on the side of the house. He'd planted them for her. She loved orange roses. But he didn't love her. Not like a person loved a lover, the mother of their children. The emotions he felt towards her were just ... friendly. If at all. Not that he'd ever admit that either. There were somethings that shouldn't ever be said.

Saying them gave truth, even if it was a lie.

Their love was just placed upon them. Because that was how the world worked. At least until his writer discovered slash.

He laughed softly. He could remember all sorts of ways the writer tried to have him have sex with other men when they didn't know it was possible to do it as two men. Usually he ended up getting turned into a woman. Gender-flipping at its finest. Naivete. Maybe even the unconscious realities of the writer's gender-queerness.

Once it was realized though... that branch had to be cut off. The heterosexual one. He could no longer go against his character, right? How else could he grow properly?

Sitting down on the stoop he looked out at the large oak tree in across from the house. There he'd buried his family.

Their deaths had been violent.

It had to be. It had to be final. No going back. No retcons. No miraculous back from the dead. That part of his life was over. Done.

He mourned properly and then moved on.

What else could he do?

Which left only the house.

Should he keep it or should he let it go?

He didn't know.

The Dance

Oct. 31st, 2005 10:55 am
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There hadn't been a mirror in the room before, but that never really stopped Alec. It was his room, and if he wanted a mirror, there was a mirror. And if he wanted it to always have been there, it always had been there. In this case, however, that wasn't so important. It was jsut the mirror that was needed. It was a full length mirror, with a delicately wrought woodframe. Fire and fire birds were carved into it, going with the decorations of the room. They weren't necessary, but Alec felt like doing it any way. It was those little things that made the big thing better.

He had stripped off his shirt and shoes, rocking on his heels on the soft carpet that was also fairly new (because sex on the stone floor wasn't very comfortable), before he began stretching out. Limbering up, he had heard hit called once or twice. Exercises performed before dancing so that the muscles wouldn't lock up. He had never been a very graceful person. His body never seeming to get out of those awkward teenager proportions (though his mother promised that he would fill out eventually)of being all feet, hands and joints. But he had also been trained in dancing since he was about eight, specific dances for holy and ritual purposes. During these he at least obtained a measure of grace. It had taken a lot of hard work, hours and hours of practice and tantrums.

It had paid off, he supposed. Though perhaps not in the way his teachers had hoped. The dances he had been taught had been to find the soul of the fire. To make it one with himself, to show his (and his people's) unity with the element. Alec, however, used it as a tool of seduction. He discovered that the dances had a rather... interesting and delightful effect on his pelmarra. Kai had said that he became apart of the fire when he danced them, his soul did. That he really was Kai's when he danced.

Alec rather liked that idea. He smiled in rememberence, moving slowly from stretches to the first moves of one of the dances.

But as much as he liked it, he didn't dance for Kai as often as he would like. It took a toll on him. The complete and utter submission to the fire, submurging his sense of self into the fire, shutting off the contact he had with the other three elements. It took a while to find his sense of self again afterwards and the other elements were always sluggish to respond. They seemed to be reluctant to return in the god's presense.

He watched himself this time as he danced, eyes forward on the mirror. In the background he could see the large fireplace with its constantly roaring fire, but he ignored it. Instead he focused on the movements and gestures of the dance. Which ones were "here I am" and which ones were "come and get me". He let himself fall into that state where he couldn't tell himself from the flames, but he tried to channel that bit of the fire that beckoned and hypnotized. Teased with passion, but said don't come near me, I'm dangerous. The wild hot, uncontroled, if you want me you're going to have to try and take me, because I won't come willing to you to warm your home. I'll burn it down and take what I want.

He threw himself into the dance until he twisted one way but his foot went the other. With a startled cry he fell to the floor. Panting for breath he sat himself up and reached over to feel his ankle. It hurt a little, but didn't seem to be sprained, only twisted.

Breathing coming easier now, he wiped the sweat from his face and stared at his reflection in the mirror. The fire behind him had become a huge roaring inferno, almost struggling to leave the bounds of the fire place. Alec gave a wisp of a smile as he leaned back on his elbows, head tilted down.


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