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Well, I changed my user name. After ... years of being just my name I decided to go for something actually descriptive of what I am. Admittedly this is more my canon me, but I think it fits. And besides, chaos is totally an element if I want it to be.

My brother got a new account all together. [livejournal.com profile] troven_tinkerer, but all the details haven't been filled in yet. Mostly because Kips never really used his old account so why not make him a new one? I suppose that means Lar should get one too. Jono's already works with [livejournal.com profile] cutting_visions . Personally I think it was fifteen bucks well spent on my name change.

But of course I do. I'm vain like that.

So. Yeah. New name, same old nut.

Oh! And I got to talk to Michael after AGES.

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Michael's back!


And apparently I'm a poor wizard with sub par training from some third world country who has a low paying job and is schizophrenic. At least according to Rita Skeeter's Quick Quill Notes.
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Because this Plot is getting very out of hand Temporally wise, I thought I'd put down a listing of posts in Order so that people can read the story in the order it's supposed to be, as opposed to the order that it happens to be in.

It all started with a dream Alec had, a dream that was forgotten.

Menwhile, Jono ([personal profile] cutting_visions) was testing the waters, saying hi to Mel.  before approaching Ori ([profile] thingsexplode) who had the Ring with Alec's powers  She agreed to give it to him in return for a cult.  The cult was satisfactory and he got the ring.

Things were quiet for four or five days as Alec went and retrieved the missing Fey Champion weapons. At least on Alec's end.  Jono, on the other hand,  enjoys himself with an opening savlo of destroying parts of Triv's Island, turning Mel into an animated candle stick and Triv into a Gelantious Cube, lime flavored.

He then got a note from Caretaker([profile] pandoras_closet)  asking him to meet at a dead planet.

During that time, Jono attacked the Inn.  To the rescue was Alec's boyfriend Michael ([personal profile] md_donighal )  having been alerted to the trouble by Trey, Alec's fire-lizard. Michael finds Alec and unpins him from the wall. They find the children and Verra and manage to stablize the Inn before Alec passes out.  Michael leaves Alec in bed and passed out and heads out for vengance.

Some time after Michael had left Triv ([personal profile] rurounitriv ) comes to the Inn and finds Trey. She is led upstairs where she sees the bodies and then finds Alec.   Zhilbar ([personal profile] zhilbar) shows up relatively soon after that, and tries to heal Alec of his wounds and blood loss.  Unfortunately the shoulder wound that Alec suffered was also booby trapped and drains Alec of all his remaining energy.  The arm is healed some, but not completely.

Michael and Jono have their confrontation where Jono gives his first of several prophicies.

Triv takes care of the bodies in the Inn while Zhilbar feeds Alec his energy to keep him alive. They decide to take Alec to the Clinic before going after Jono themselves.

Alec sneaks back to the Inn, with the bodies and sourly encounters Caretaker.

Caretaker goes off to tell Ori to get the ring back. Ori does so.  But she only gets the ring and not the power behind the ring.

Caretaker tells her to go and distract Jono for twenty four hours.  Which she does, but it doesn't work out so well, Jono stealing her powers.  Caretaker notices this and goes to confront Jono, where he has his third prophcy.  He manages to damage Caretaker enough that he's left alone for the time being, apparently returning Ori's powers. 

The powers are returned to Ori and Jono's death sentence is pratically signed.

Back at the Inn, a day has passed and Alec is once again found by Caretaker. They talk about Alec and how weird he is not regerstiring as a Gary Stu nor as anything else that is known to the Multiverse and how he's evolving into something. This Alec takes very defensively and Caretaker starts to leave but is pulled back by an Older Alexander ([personal profile] master_troven). Alexander informs him of what he knows about Alec and what will happen to him when he gets his powers back.  Caretaker also leaves a poke-ball sort of device with Lorac, armed armored to take care of Jono if he returns to the Inn.

Then Alexander remembers something and contacts Ori, asking her to relay a message to Caretaker. 

Ori delivers the message to Caretaker and plans are made to hopefully thwart Jono.  Meanwhile Alec buries his family and collapses from the effort.  Triv finds him and takes him to her Island.  He's attacked by kittens and cared for by Triv there.

Alec goes back to the Inn and is knocked out by Ori. There she takes over his body, Caretaker taking his soul back to Caretaker HQ.

Unfortunately, Jono bends probability enough that he's able to waltz in to the HQ and pick up the soul.  He goes back to the Inn, and demands Caretaker to show up.  He wants to talk.

Lorac is released, but he's unable to attack, as he's afraid of hurting Alec. So Jono and Lorac are in a stand off. waiting for Caretaker to show up.

Caretaker does show up eventually and manages to make Jono laugh himself to death by first claiming to be Alec and then by claiming to be Alec's son, Braxious.  That done he rejoined Alec's soul with Alec's body and Alec's powers.  When Alec woke up he was rightly pissed and tried to kill Caretaker, but it ended up more of a stand off than anything else.  It ended when Alec completetly became a creature of chaos and Caretaker fled destorying the Inn in an effort to stop the chaos creature.

The results of this were that Alec's soul was shattered and scattered through out the multiverse. The echo of who he might be, [personal profile] master_troven has set it upon himself to piece his younger self back together as best he can.  The chaos creature that had been Alec has started to multiply and the universe that was Jono has vanished. 

Thus ends the Plot, but lays way for a whole new set of problems.
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