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It was a perfectly ordinary walnut that Alec held in his hand.

Just like the rabbit that King Arthur faced was a perfectly ordinary rabbit.

The walnut wasn't going to suddenly attack Alec. It was just a walnut that he could crack open and eat. But it was also the walnut that he would throw through the fourth wall and see if it would hit a mun. But it wasn't really a walnut, because it didn't exist any more than he did; but now we were getting metaphysical. Or perhaps just meta.

He had always been meta.

He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't been in his fifteen years of existence. Perhaps that made him different from other metas. He never had an awakening. He had been born -created- like it. Sometimes, he would not be meta, or at least the narrative had said that he wasn't meta. But that was a lie.

Because he was still meta, even if he didn't acknowledge it.

He was all versions. They weren't alternates, they were him. Just spun out into different variations of story. He remembered every single bit of everything. All the way to the beginning when he had lived under a different name. A name that he would never tell anyone. His alone to keep. To bury. His own secret name.

As a memory of where he had come before. Of who he had been. A parasite stealing from others worlds and lives. Their stories and histories and families.

But he was no longer that person, just like anyone else was the same person they were fifteen years ago.

Still he remembered. Because it was him and not some other version. Only one continuous line.

The walnut rocked in his fingers as he thought about the past few days. About how others wondered who thought what and who did what and who controlled who. And being angry at their muns for making them do things. Which he never had.

Probably because if he didn't like, he just ignored it. If he was told that his wrist was broken, and he didn't feel like having it broken any more, it wasn't. Far more practical than rebelling against his writer. Easier too. Sometimes he wondered why the others didn't do that. There was no rule that said they had to do what the muns wanted for however long they wanted.

They were meta. They were aware. They could make their own lives.

Which brought him back to the walnut.

That didn't exist any more than he did.

He tossed it up and down in his hand idly and thought about becoming human again.

Without the flashy getting rid of the powers putting them in a receptical that could be stolen human.

Just human.

With a thought.

Because he wanted to.
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Mel and Orion have improbable nexus babies. They came through the Inn last night glitter and feathers everywhere.

Orion and I have an improbable nexus baby too. Though I forget his name.
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I'm gonna take Mel to meet my Uncle. It'll give me something to do. I've been too restless lately. I don't like not having anything to do, which I feel like. Just recooperating.

Almost out of the antibiotics.
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Okay... shit is happening and I don't know what it is or what's going on, but shit is happening. Then Inn is faltering out of its demensional space and starting to ground in a reality. I don't know which reality. Which is really bothersome.  The machines are starting to act wonky too.

It doesn't help that I'm not feeling top notch either. My brain feels like swiss cheese and lemon. I forgot about MEL. Gods, I forgot about Mel and nearly got her killed. Stupid... stupid stupid!

Sue Hunt

May. 17th, 2006 07:51 pm
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The Fic

Alec led Mel into the world of the PPC HQ. It was a world of bland gray corridors that seemed to lead nowhere. Agents dressed in black mostly wandered around muttering to themselves as they tried to get somewhere quickly. Intersperced with them were minis of all sorts and the occasional giant plant that moved along ... somehow. It was best not to think about it. One agent walked around holding something in their hands like it was completely dear to them. A second agent patted the first agent comfortingly on the shoulder.

He stopped at a room marked "3b". The one next to it was marked "π" and across was labled "Broom Closet". A funky smell was coming from the broom closet.

"Okay... before we go in,my partner, Marc-C is gonna be in there. She's... cranky. But don't take anything she says personally. She just hates everyone."


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