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I am now Fire Dances on Fingers which is not really a name I would have ever chosen for myself, but you don't turn down a name from a god. They get irritable if you do.

Lorac showed up at the Inn. I am dealing with him.

Talked to the Embodiments of the Elements. Left me with things to chew on.

Things have been mostly on an even keel... mostly.
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Lorac's gone.

Mel's happy about that. I kinda miss him. Feel lonely now. It didn't hurt so much when he was around. It was nice being able to talk in my own language with someone.

I think I might go home for a while.

I miss being home.

The Inn doesn't feel like home any more.

Maybe somewhere back on my world will feel like home.
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It was weird. In so many different ways it was weird. He was there on Triv's island and Lorac was there too. But Lorac wasn't acting like Lorac. Or at least Lorac wasn't acting like deranged lunatic Loarc. He was acting more like the Lorac he knew before he went crazy. There hadn't been a single sexual suggestion from the man or anything to indicate that they were more than good friends. Except for the holding hands and the pettings. But Alec needed the contact. Just the touch and sensation of being touched let him remember that he was alive and human.

They would talk for hours in their language. Private conversations that no one else would understand, but rambles about nothing.

Long walks around the island was how they spent the days. And at night, they'd share the bed, but again only for the contact. The need he had for human contact. There was nothing sexual at all.

It was very weird.
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There had been a note at the front desk at the Inn for Alec. A request from Dale to meet him at a set of coordinates. The note didn't say anything else. It was kind of on the odd side, but Dale was odd.   So  after dropping off the  Spear of Fire with the other four weapons and trying to get the blue dye out of his hair (which didn't work at all) Alec portled himself there.

There being a rather random looking rocky planet that looked like Vasquze Rocks. And nothing else really, except for a metal structure with a series of doors.  It looked like it was just a wall... with doors.

But Dale was there.

Shoving the portal generator into his pack, Alec walked over to the Caretaker with a wave. "Got your note."
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You know ... I've killed two of my former lovers. That's not really a good track record, is it?


Jul. 8th, 2006 01:32 pm
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Alec is sitting next to the wooden cigar indian looking hunched up and misrerable.   This is probably not a good thing.
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This was not what I was expecting to happen when I woke up this morning.  I don't really know what to make of it yet.
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Right so, there is a plan. I don't know if it is a Plan yet, but there is one. I don't think I'm going to miss work as I'll just shift back to when I started leave and go from there when this is all done. It'll be temporally messy for a few days, but should be okay.

The Caretaker says that they're collecting Sues to use as a living computer of warping reality and feeding the energy that comes off of killing different versions of me into a giant chaos engine. Not to sure what the end result is going to be though.

Anyway the kids and I are fine, if a bit on the bored side. Dale, if you read this, find something that Verra and Brax can hunt would you?

Those of you of more Sueish dispositions, Mel, may want to be on the look out for the Caretakers. They're not good guys anymore. The one that's been interacting with the Nexus is safe though.

Lorac... I think has been delt with.

Hope to see you all soon.

shake down

Apr. 24th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Right, so this is what I know.

Ran into guy called the Caretaker (now dubed Dale) a bit ago. He mentioned something about how I was different than most Stus and that I was changing. Apparently this threw off the organization that he worked for off. It's something like the PPC... but also like the Q. He also offered me a job there... I think.

Anyway a more recent bit ago apparently the orders got changed and now they're rounding up Sues, killing some of the notorious ones on sight. I'm on the kill list. We think that someone is going to use the gathered Sues for an a warping of reality on a massive scale.

Apparently they were hoping to use me... and my otherselves to help with this. But since I'm not acting Stuish so much anymore, it's effecting my other mes, turning them into something useless. So they're killing me off. I don't know if they can kill me permanetly, but I'd rather not risk it. They already got me from Marvel 616, and a few others. The more powerful me's are resisting. I can sense that.

Verra and the kids are safe somewhere. I've got Mull doing go between stuff for me. I guess the mini came in handy. He's hard to track since he's really just a badly spelled name. And you can't kill that.

We're safe. If anything happens I'll let you know, if I can.

Oh, if some one sees Lorac, sedate him? I've had to block the bond between us. It's hard and takes a lot of energy. And I think it may make him frothy at the mouth.
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So the kids.

We stopped the people who were taking them.

But we were too late in a sense. They had raised their god.

Except it wasn't a god.

It was Lorac.

Lorac... of all the people. They thought he was a god! He tricked the head priest into doing this for him. So that he'd get resurected after I killed him. All those kids... dead because of him.

Because of him so he could get to me.

Corry says it's not my fault. Verra says it's not my fault. It's that he's crazy. But I keep on thinking that he wouldn't be crazy if it weren't for me.

Damnit! I'm not going to get upset. I'm not going to. I'm not. I'm not going to let this get to me.

It wasn't my fault. It wasn't, it wasn't, it wasn't.
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He left....

hah... he left...

Left the PPC... left me...

Oh gods... he left me...


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