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Well, I changed my user name. After ... years of being just my name I decided to go for something actually descriptive of what I am. Admittedly this is more my canon me, but I think it fits. And besides, chaos is totally an element if I want it to be.

My brother got a new account all together. [livejournal.com profile] troven_tinkerer, but all the details haven't been filled in yet. Mostly because Kips never really used his old account so why not make him a new one? I suppose that means Lar should get one too. Jono's already works with [livejournal.com profile] cutting_visions . Personally I think it was fifteen bucks well spent on my name change.

But of course I do. I'm vain like that.

So. Yeah. New name, same old nut.

Oh! And I got to talk to Michael after AGES.

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It was a perfectly ordinary walnut that Alec held in his hand.

Just like the rabbit that King Arthur faced was a perfectly ordinary rabbit.

The walnut wasn't going to suddenly attack Alec. It was just a walnut that he could crack open and eat. But it was also the walnut that he would throw through the fourth wall and see if it would hit a mun. But it wasn't really a walnut, because it didn't exist any more than he did; but now we were getting metaphysical. Or perhaps just meta.

He had always been meta.

He couldn't remember a time when he hadn't been in his fifteen years of existence. Perhaps that made him different from other metas. He never had an awakening. He had been born -created- like it. Sometimes, he would not be meta, or at least the narrative had said that he wasn't meta. But that was a lie.

Because he was still meta, even if he didn't acknowledge it.

He was all versions. They weren't alternates, they were him. Just spun out into different variations of story. He remembered every single bit of everything. All the way to the beginning when he had lived under a different name. A name that he would never tell anyone. His alone to keep. To bury. His own secret name.

As a memory of where he had come before. Of who he had been. A parasite stealing from others worlds and lives. Their stories and histories and families.

But he was no longer that person, just like anyone else was the same person they were fifteen years ago.

Still he remembered. Because it was him and not some other version. Only one continuous line.

The walnut rocked in his fingers as he thought about the past few days. About how others wondered who thought what and who did what and who controlled who. And being angry at their muns for making them do things. Which he never had.

Probably because if he didn't like, he just ignored it. If he was told that his wrist was broken, and he didn't feel like having it broken any more, it wasn't. Far more practical than rebelling against his writer. Easier too. Sometimes he wondered why the others didn't do that. There was no rule that said they had to do what the muns wanted for however long they wanted.

They were meta. They were aware. They could make their own lives.

Which brought him back to the walnut.

That didn't exist any more than he did.

He tossed it up and down in his hand idly and thought about becoming human again.

Without the flashy getting rid of the powers putting them in a receptical that could be stolen human.

Just human.

With a thought.

Because he wanted to.
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This is in response to a discussion that Mel's mun and Kips have been having for a while now and to Todd as well.

The meat of this discussion is that their various meta-pups would like to -long and short of it- break free from their muns and how I don't understand this desire because I have no desire to do so. It's not that I enjoy being in Kips' head, it's just that I'm not idiotic, stupid, insane, suicidal or any other hundreds of adjectives of the related sort to think about that. I rather enjoy being alive, and I know that as I am now, if Kips dies, so will I. Oh, there'd be remnants of me, memories and things like that, but for all intents and purposes, I'd be dead too. If for some gods forbid reason, Kips drops dead tomorrow, I'll be gone too.

This isn't to say that it's not possible to break free from your mun or what have you, it's just that killing them isn't the way the way to gain freedom. Perhaps I think this is because I know how stories work. Not just the putting the words down on the page part of it, but their effect on society.

The only way for a character to break free from their writer is to get published. Once they're published they enter the public domain and anyone and everyone helps keep them alive. Look at the characters Shakespeare has created, or even Beowulf. No one knows who created them, but they're still alive! Alive and free from their creator's grasp.

However they're still caught and trapped in other people's. The people who reinterpret them for every new play or story idea. When I get published, people will read about me and they'll draw their own conclusions about me that Kips may have never thought about. It's already happened when that one guy thought I should be played by Arnold Shwartzenager. I'll never be able to walk free, but I'll be able to travel from person to person in drawings and stories and movies all things written or created after I've been exposed to the public awareness.

Of course, I'll mutate and change (and fear the fan fiction), but that's how stories work. They're mutable.

And characters are immortal. Once they are in the public consciousness. Until then as soon as their creator dies, so do they.

So, perhaps, I'm not dangerous to Kip in that I don't want to kill her to break free and what not. But at least I'm not stupid enough to think that I can survive without her as long as she's the only one who creates me.


Mar. 26th, 2007 11:36 am
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I haven't posted in a bit. I wouldn't say things have been quiet, but rather dead. At least for me. I need to do something to spice up my life, but I can't think of anything to do.

On another note, I can sing.

Ha. Let me explain that. For a long time I couldn't sing well because it was supposed to be an Anti Stu thing. Something to keep me from being too Stuish. (Though if you think about it, how badly I couldn't sing was also rather Stuish). Anyway, as Kips has been progressing through my back story, creating it and everything she stumbled upon a little problem.

I'm a bard. Or apprentice bard, admittedly I never kept up with my training,. I was taught the basics of singing. But there was never any plausible reason for my voice to suddenly become bad and for me not to be able to sing. There was never any point in the story for my voice to go bad. So, Kips killed that plot point.

Since that plot point was killed, I can now sing.

I'm not a great singer like professional grade going to Carnegie Hall type, but I'm decent and I know the basics. I had four years of training. But I never made it past apprentice in my training. And I still think I play better than I sing.

So in any case, anyone have anything that needs to be doing?
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Right, so Kip's computer cord went kablooie which means that she can't get online except while at work and then she can't access her AIM.

What that means is that I am going off for a while... doing stuff... until she gets an new cord. Whenever that is.

So, you all behave and don't have any sort of crisis while I'm off, because I won't be able to help.
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Dear Kips

Writing fan fiction based on my world is a bad idea. Writing a MARY SUE fan fic based in my world is an even worse idea.

The fact that you've actually started one makes me hate you.

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Right, so, utterly random shit, but hey, why not?

So Kips and I were talking. If we were going to cast her novel about Lorac and me (Love, Lust and the Apocalypse) into a movie, who would play who.

We came up with

Me = Orlando Bloom (SHUT UP)

Lorac = Ewan McGregor

Which would make all the fan brats happy. Canon Slash. Heh.

Then there's Eldric Ruge, who I'm not sure... He's tall dark handsome, square jawed Commander of the City Gaurd, kinda the opposite of me. Any suggestions would be nice.

Jason Isaacs would be Maliczar, he's a telepath and the leader of the Iron Claw, a political group bent on wresting control of the City Council from the monoply of the First Families.

Lily Seriph (Lorac's mum) would be Laura Linney (She's in Man of the Year

Josh Holloway would be Griffin Troven, an ancestor of mine.

I need an olderish... in her thirties girl for Lorac's sister, Kylie.

Gertz, the school Headmaster, would be Robin Williams They have the same face, though Gertz never had a sense of humor. Hah.

Right, so that's everyone I can think of right now. I may cast the rest of my family later. When I can think of it.
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I hate the fey. No really, I do.

Do you know what they want from me this time? Find the other four fey champion weapons. Apparently out of the five of them only the sword wasn't lost. How the HELL am I supposed to find four weapons out of a gazillion weapons out in the world? Hell, the multiverse?! Because the fey champions could travel worlds.

I'm just supposed to know. Bah.

In other news, Kips picked up Mad Maudlin today. She said I could borrow it when she was done. MWAHAHAhAAAA ERIC!!! Heh.


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