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In a place not here nor there but perhaps everywhere.

The fire roared in front of him. He didn't create this fire with magic, but instead the mundane way, with flint, steel and wood. People probably didn't know he could do that. He could do a lot of things that didn't require his powers. He was just lazy most of the time. Sometimes though, magic hindered things and they needed to be done by hand. The wood gathered, scratching at his palms, the tinder set and the inevitable battle with the flint and steel to catch that one perfect spark to set it all ablaze.

Flames dancing in front of him, he crouched down to watch the wood burn, poking at it with a stick. He remembered the last time he had built a fire this big. That had ended in disaster. A desperate move that ended in tears. That seemed so long ago. Ages and ages ago.

He had changed a lot. His life and history had changed. Funny how that went. An enemy had turned out to be a genuine lover among other things. Alec's fingers slipped up his neck to the chain he wore. A compromise with Jono over the collar. A man in Alec's position couldn't be seen wearing a collar, no matter how much Jono liked him in it.

A smile twitched onto his lips as he thought of Jono. He felt happy. Something that he hadn't in a long time. A good thing, he thought. Yes.

A good thing.
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Unreality doesn't let go of its toys easily, and Alec was a favorite toy.

The spell being disrupted, some of the power still lingered inside of him, not enough to effect him during his waking hours, but in sleep his mind drifted across realities and She directed its course.

He dreamed of the Inn. Of coming back to the Inn and seeing the massacre. But it wasn't him. It was another him. Similar enough in such away that he couldn't right off tell the difference between them. He felt his alternate's horror at seeing what happened. He wants to warn his alternate, but he's only a passenger on this journey. He has no say, he can't take control of the body.

Up the stairs they crept and once again he sees her, it feels fresh and raw compounded by the newness for his alternate, rushing all into him. There's a sagging of his knees, the reaching to touch her. And then... and then... his voice. Laughing, mocking.

It blurs for him ... but something is different. A tugging on his ear, something ripped off.

A chain...? A chain covered in flamelets.

That was the difference. He was still with Kai.

And there he was. The fire god, smoldering in anger at what had been done to his consort. Looking deadly heated and burning.

And Jono laughed at him. There was no comparison in power here. Jono clearly had the upper hand.

There wasn't even a fight. Jono crushed the fire god before Alec's eyes.

And then he waited. And she came. In search of what happened to one of her gods. This time there was a fight. Author verses god moder. Jono fled. Laughing he fled.

Teena, beaten, but alive, then turned to him and freed him from the wall. She smiled and told him that everything was going to be all right. Then she brought Verra back to life.

Alec woke up, clawing at the blankets, shuddering. He curled up in a ball, and wouldn't come out from under the blankets for hours.


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