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Mel and Orion have improbable nexus babies. They came through the Inn last night glitter and feathers everywhere.

Orion and I have an improbable nexus baby too. Though I forget his name.
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Right, so if you happen to be looking for a retarded, gay, elf, I suggest you talk to [livejournal.com profile] b_strong_xandir

If you're looking for a dyslexic, bisexual, fey-touched, talk to me.

Xandir and I talk.

Lei-lei visits again! I've missed her and her sister a lot. It was good to see her.
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I got an invite to Captain Hook's wedding. I imagine my older self got one too. This brings up the question... which of us is going to go. Two of us can't be there at the Ship at the same time. We've managed to do well enough staggering our visits to the Captain. But still, an interesting quandary.
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Michael's back!


And apparently I'm a poor wizard with sub par training from some third world country who has a low paying job and is schizophrenic. At least according to Rita Skeeter's Quick Quill Notes.
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I am now Fire Dances on Fingers which is not really a name I would have ever chosen for myself, but you don't turn down a name from a god. They get irritable if you do.

Lorac showed up at the Inn. I am dealing with him.

Talked to the Embodiments of the Elements. Left me with things to chew on.

Things have been mostly on an even keel... mostly.


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