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Right so I'm asleep and I get woken up by a horse molesting my ear.

No, I didn't fall asleep in a barn, the horse just showed up in Michael's apartment.

It doesn't seem to want to leave.

It's a fey horse.

And it's following me around.
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Okay, so the flesh eating squirrels sucked muchly.

Getting thrown to the Kraaken for being a stowaway sucks, I think, even more.   Well for being a MAN and a stowaway. How was I supposed to know that in that 'verse being a man is bad luck on the seas? And Sparrow shouldn't have been that gleeful.

I smell like fish. I don't think I'm going to stop smelling like fish for a while.

Actually it's more charrred fish than anything else. I had to blast my way out ... with fire ... from the damn thing's gullet.

And then I was stuck in the flamin' ocean, surrounded by fish guts.

Frozen fish doesn't smell so bad. Frozen fish thawing smells very bad.

I need a shower.

Or ten.
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Flesh eating squirrels suck.

I mean they really, really suck.

Especially when they take chunks out of you and your armor.

But I got the Lance of Ice.

Leaves the Bow of Air, Spear of Fire and Ax of Earth.

Still, flesh eating squirrels suck.
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I hate the fey. No really, I do.

Do you know what they want from me this time? Find the other four fey champion weapons. Apparently out of the five of them only the sword wasn't lost. How the HELL am I supposed to find four weapons out of a gazillion weapons out in the world? Hell, the multiverse?! Because the fey champions could travel worlds.

I'm just supposed to know. Bah.

In other news, Kips picked up Mad Maudlin today. She said I could borrow it when she was done. MWAHAHAhAAAA ERIC!!! Heh.
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Fey have decided that my life wasn't miserable enough and have decided to remedy the situation. In other words, I've been summoned to Court. They probably have some new and interesting way of doing something to me. I wonder if she will be disapointed that I don't have my chaos powers any more.

Knowing the Queen, she probably already knows. She probably wants to make my life interesting because of it.

I really hate them. I do.

Pointy eared twits.

Must remember to pluck Nogard.

Will be back soon. If they let me.


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