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Oct. 20th, 2008 09:26 am
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He did it in the Summer's Palace, because that is what he was when he'd talk to her. Summer to Winter. Idly he wondered if there was a Spring or a Fall. Perhaps her and his children, not theirs together, of course. But if he ever had a child... There were no shortage of woman who would be willing. Of course, it was the age old problem of them wanting him because he was king, and not because of him. It irked him, but for now, he did nothing about it. It was better than them trying to kill him.

For a moment, he smiled at the thought of getting one of the men pregnant. That would certainly throw them off. But MPreg pushed too many bad buttons for him to actually do more than think about it as a passing joke.

As funny as it might be.

Setting the mirror up in a room that wasn't his bedrooms and surely would be spied upon, though no one would admit to it, he pulled up a chair and a glass of wine, settling himself as King. If anyone asked Alec how he did it, how he flit from self to self, changing his body, his very essence into whatever version of him he needed to be, he couldn't answer him.

He just did it.

The power of Summer and that changing from Whatever he normally was to half elf King sent a brief buzz through his mind. He knew his eyes went from muddy brown to a sort of golden amber, but other than that he couldn't see any physical differences. The King felt serious today. Appropriate, as he was going to talk to his "other half".

Taking a deep breath, Alec spoke into the mirror with a simple, "You wished to talk?"

((OCC:Random mun ramble: It's so long, because I felt the need to explain how he could be Himself and the King at the same time. The King is always there, but sometimes, Alec just becomes the King. Also, on a tangent, I need a "king" icon.))


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