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Because this Plot is getting very out of hand Temporally wise, I thought I'd put down a listing of posts in Order so that people can read the story in the order it's supposed to be, as opposed to the order that it happens to be in.

It all started with a dream Alec had, a dream that was forgotten.

Menwhile, Jono ([personal profile] cutting_visions) was testing the waters, saying hi to Mel.  before approaching Ori ([profile] thingsexplode) who had the Ring with Alec's powers  She agreed to give it to him in return for a cult.  The cult was satisfactory and he got the ring.

Things were quiet for four or five days as Alec went and retrieved the missing Fey Champion weapons. At least on Alec's end.  Jono, on the other hand,  enjoys himself with an opening savlo of destroying parts of Triv's Island, turning Mel into an animated candle stick and Triv into a Gelantious Cube, lime flavored.

He then got a note from Caretaker([profile] pandoras_closet)  asking him to meet at a dead planet.

During that time, Jono attacked the Inn.  To the rescue was Alec's boyfriend Michael ([personal profile] md_donighal )  having been alerted to the trouble by Trey, Alec's fire-lizard. Michael finds Alec and unpins him from the wall. They find the children and Verra and manage to stablize the Inn before Alec passes out.  Michael leaves Alec in bed and passed out and heads out for vengance.

Some time after Michael had left Triv ([personal profile] rurounitriv ) comes to the Inn and finds Trey. She is led upstairs where she sees the bodies and then finds Alec.   Zhilbar ([personal profile] zhilbar) shows up relatively soon after that, and tries to heal Alec of his wounds and blood loss.  Unfortunately the shoulder wound that Alec suffered was also booby trapped and drains Alec of all his remaining energy.  The arm is healed some, but not completely.

Michael and Jono have their confrontation where Jono gives his first of several prophicies.

Triv takes care of the bodies in the Inn while Zhilbar feeds Alec his energy to keep him alive. They decide to take Alec to the Clinic before going after Jono themselves.

Alec sneaks back to the Inn, with the bodies and sourly encounters Caretaker.

Caretaker goes off to tell Ori to get the ring back. Ori does so.  But she only gets the ring and not the power behind the ring.

Caretaker tells her to go and distract Jono for twenty four hours.  Which she does, but it doesn't work out so well, Jono stealing her powers.  Caretaker notices this and goes to confront Jono, where he has his third prophcy.  He manages to damage Caretaker enough that he's left alone for the time being, apparently returning Ori's powers. 

The powers are returned to Ori and Jono's death sentence is pratically signed.

Back at the Inn, a day has passed and Alec is once again found by Caretaker. They talk about Alec and how weird he is not regerstiring as a Gary Stu nor as anything else that is known to the Multiverse and how he's evolving into something. This Alec takes very defensively and Caretaker starts to leave but is pulled back by an Older Alexander ([personal profile] master_troven). Alexander informs him of what he knows about Alec and what will happen to him when he gets his powers back.  Caretaker also leaves a poke-ball sort of device with Lorac, armed armored to take care of Jono if he returns to the Inn.

Then Alexander remembers something and contacts Ori, asking her to relay a message to Caretaker. 

Ori delivers the message to Caretaker and plans are made to hopefully thwart Jono.  Meanwhile Alec buries his family and collapses from the effort.  Triv finds him and takes him to her Island.  He's attacked by kittens and cared for by Triv there.

Alec goes back to the Inn and is knocked out by Ori. There she takes over his body, Caretaker taking his soul back to Caretaker HQ.

Unfortunately, Jono bends probability enough that he's able to waltz in to the HQ and pick up the soul.  He goes back to the Inn, and demands Caretaker to show up.  He wants to talk.

Lorac is released, but he's unable to attack, as he's afraid of hurting Alec. So Jono and Lorac are in a stand off. waiting for Caretaker to show up.

Caretaker does show up eventually and manages to make Jono laugh himself to death by first claiming to be Alec and then by claiming to be Alec's son, Braxious.  That done he rejoined Alec's soul with Alec's body and Alec's powers.  When Alec woke up he was rightly pissed and tried to kill Caretaker, but it ended up more of a stand off than anything else.  It ended when Alec completetly became a creature of chaos and Caretaker fled destorying the Inn in an effort to stop the chaos creature.

The results of this were that Alec's soul was shattered and scattered through out the multiverse. The echo of who he might be, [personal profile] master_troven has set it upon himself to piece his younger self back together as best he can.  The chaos creature that had been Alec has started to multiply and the universe that was Jono has vanished. 

Thus ends the Plot, but lays way for a whole new set of problems.
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There had been a note at the front desk at the Inn for Alec. A request from Dale to meet him at a set of coordinates. The note didn't say anything else. It was kind of on the odd side, but Dale was odd.   So  after dropping off the  Spear of Fire with the other four weapons and trying to get the blue dye out of his hair (which didn't work at all) Alec portled himself there.

There being a rather random looking rocky planet that looked like Vasquze Rocks. And nothing else really, except for a metal structure with a series of doors.  It looked like it was just a wall... with doors.

But Dale was there.

Shoving the portal generator into his pack, Alec walked over to the Caretaker with a wave. "Got your note."
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This was not what I was expecting to happen when I woke up this morning.  I don't really know what to make of it yet.
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Enforced idleness was not something that Alec was good at. To be sure, it wasn't something that Verra and Braxious were good at either. All three of them lived very active lives, from baseball practice and school to hunting and traveling to ordering people around and running the Inn. Every day was filled with activity, of something that needed to be done. A new project, a new place to see, a new anything.

But here, in their enforced hiding place, there was nothing to do. At first it was nice, the laziness of not having to do anything. But then they started to get restless. It wouldn't have been so bad if they knew that they could leave, but the idea that they were trapped there made the place that was surely a nice vacation spot as horrid as any of the worst cells with stone and steel walls could be.

Within three days they had explored the place from top to bottom, minus the beyond the red door. That room they had locked the first day to avoid temptation on Alec's end. It was the equivelent of the large red shiny button he couldn't push. And Alec loved to push those, just to see what happened. It wasn't like they could kill him. But this time he couldn't risk it. He couldn't, he wouldn't put his family at risk.

Verra had taken up haunting the library. Dragons loved a good book and at least she could get lost in one, forgetting temporarily that she was trapped. Braxious and Alec weren't the reading sort. The books just didn't interest Braxious and Alec had too much trouble reading to enjoy them.

They had fished and swam in the lake. Gone exploring. Played in the trees. Played catch. But still, it was a prision cell and it came back to them, eventually. The weight of it all. And the helplesness of it. They were trapped and couldn't do anything.

Depression slipped slowly in. It was a good friend of entraptment and it found easy prey in the Trovens.

By the fifth day they barely saw one another, each passing through the day in their own places, except at meal times.

Alec haunted the roof of the house, the slight possiblity of danger in falling the only thing offered to him. Verra kept to the library, Sari near her, in case something gods forbid, happened and she couldn't protect her. And Braxious stayed by the lake.

If something didn't happen soon, one of them was going to crack.

And the way Alec kept on going past the room with the red door, it would probably be him.


Apr. 27th, 2006 07:59 pm
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Why does Mel say that my house is a Smoldering Pit in the GROUND?!
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Right so, there is a plan. I don't know if it is a Plan yet, but there is one. I don't think I'm going to miss work as I'll just shift back to when I started leave and go from there when this is all done. It'll be temporally messy for a few days, but should be okay.

The Caretaker says that they're collecting Sues to use as a living computer of warping reality and feeding the energy that comes off of killing different versions of me into a giant chaos engine. Not to sure what the end result is going to be though.

Anyway the kids and I are fine, if a bit on the bored side. Dale, if you read this, find something that Verra and Brax can hunt would you?

Those of you of more Sueish dispositions, Mel, may want to be on the look out for the Caretakers. They're not good guys anymore. The one that's been interacting with the Nexus is safe though.

Lorac... I think has been delt with.

Hope to see you all soon.

shake down

Apr. 24th, 2006 02:18 pm
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Right, so this is what I know.

Ran into guy called the Caretaker (now dubed Dale) a bit ago. He mentioned something about how I was different than most Stus and that I was changing. Apparently this threw off the organization that he worked for off. It's something like the PPC... but also like the Q. He also offered me a job there... I think.

Anyway a more recent bit ago apparently the orders got changed and now they're rounding up Sues, killing some of the notorious ones on sight. I'm on the kill list. We think that someone is going to use the gathered Sues for an a warping of reality on a massive scale.

Apparently they were hoping to use me... and my otherselves to help with this. But since I'm not acting Stuish so much anymore, it's effecting my other mes, turning them into something useless. So they're killing me off. I don't know if they can kill me permanetly, but I'd rather not risk it. They already got me from Marvel 616, and a few others. The more powerful me's are resisting. I can sense that.

Verra and the kids are safe somewhere. I've got Mull doing go between stuff for me. I guess the mini came in handy. He's hard to track since he's really just a badly spelled name. And you can't kill that.

We're safe. If anything happens I'll let you know, if I can.

Oh, if some one sees Lorac, sedate him? I've had to block the bond between us. It's hard and takes a lot of energy. And I think it may make him frothy at the mouth.
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They had been arguing for a good hour straight. The dishes in the tent had already been thrown. Fortunately they hadn't been broken. They had bounced off Alec's chaos field and a few of them had turned into odds and ends. Braxious sat watching on the other end of the very spacious tent, his eyes wide. Sari was sitting next the Caretaker sucking on her fist. She didn't seem to notice anything going on, still silent and rocking a little.

The arguement was about what to do. In general and with Sari.

Verra still wanted to try the elf's bane. Alec was against it.

They had been going on and on about this. Round and round and round.

Alec wanted to fight some how. He thought he could do something. Verra was against it. She didn't trust his abilities, afraid that they would fail at the wrong time.

She wanted to go.

Alec didn't want her to go, he wouldn't risk her.

She didn't want him to go for the same reason.

Both of them couldn't go, who would watch the children?

Another pot went flying, it bounced off of Alec's field and slammed into the floor before walking off, a small scurring hedgehog. It joined the blue porcelin fish and a small squadron of rainbow devil duckies. Trey squaked loudly at the hedgehog.


Apr. 23rd, 2006 08:47 pm
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The Inn was quiet at that time of day. It was after the lunch rush and before the dinner crowd. Verra hadn't been in, neither had the kids. The house had been quiet.

Until it exploded.
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Continuing from this conversation.

Alec's thoughts were racing fast as he ran through HQ to his own response center. He had teleported into the middle of the cafeteria, which was a good three levels... on a good day, away from his response center. The blasted geography of the place seemed to be working against him right then. He didn't want to risk another teleports cause gods only knew where that would cause him to end up. Skittering past agents, flowers and minis he made his way ino 3b where Marc-C was sitting reading a manual for a new gun she had bought.

"Where's the Portal Device?" he blurted out. His partner looked at him with that same annoyed look that she always had when it came to him.

"Where it always is," she said, starting for snarky but ending up sounding a bit worried at Alec's franticness. "What's going on Troven?"

"Don't know exactly. Have to pull family away for a bit. Universe Auditors or something notreallysure want me and kids dead... probably Verra too."

Marc-C stared at him blankly. He had slipped into his native tongue in his excitment, which she didn't understand. Not realizing this he waves and set the portal device for home, early evening, when everyone should be home. Fortunately the portal devices were designed for the technology impaired and the shiny button lover, so it worked and he dropped right on the front lawn of his house.

Continues )
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I just had an interesting conversation with another entity of this fine multiverse. Apparently I've been causing problems. Not in a good way either. Not in a bad way either. Just... difficulties for the upper management. I always seem to end up doing that.

I think I got offered a job... too.

I have two new icons in anycase.

Kips made them for me. She thought they were funny.


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