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Why am I even doing these if I'm not posting them in the community? Eh. Whatever.

Be honest. Are you the predator or the prey?

Yes. I say this because really it's a situational thing, isn't it? That's what the food chain is all about. There's always someone who can metaphorically eat you. I admit to having way more obnoxious power than should be reasonable, but that's physical power. Emotionally, I'm as vulnerable as anyone else. Sometimes I think more.

I tend to throw myself emotionally into relationships at full tilt and sometimes not even pausing to think of the consequences. If I'm someone's friend, I'll do anything for them even if it's detrimental to me, if it can help them. Or an acquaintance or even someone who needs help and I don't even know them. Sometimes even people who don't like me. I don't know if it's because I like helping people or that I feel the need to because I have the ability to.

Momma always said that if you can help someone you should. It's never a bad thing to make someone's life better. With all the power I have at my disposal, I can do that. Sometimes I do that without people asking me to which causes problems but I guess it's just a fault of mine.

Investing myself so completely into these things leaves me open to rejection and that hurts badly. It's like getting punched in the gut and hit over the head with a piano. It leaves me reeling and wondering what did I do wrong? What did I do wrong and how could I fix it? Sometimes it's just not possible and that leaves me haunted at times. But even so haunted I still do it. I don't stop putting myself out there, because there is that one person I could help.

I'm like that in love too. And the rejections have scarred me, I admit it. I want the comfort though that having someone else there brings. The coming home to a warm body and friend. Someone who'll care for me just as much as I try to take care of the rest of the world. Someone who'll tell me that it's okay I didn't save the world today or someone's world.

Hurm... I guess this does sort of make me a prey, doesn't it?
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1. Who is your character's PB? Orlando Bloom.

2. Which came first, the character or the PB? Seeing as how Alec was created in 1992 when Bloom I believe was around 12...

3. Why did you choose this particular PB? I didn't think much about Bloom as Legolas (my first introduction to him) but then I saw him in Troy with the black hair and I went OMIGAWD ALEC!!!

4. How close is the PB to your character? What are the differences, if any? Lack of pointy ears and tattoo

5. Have you modified the PB in any way to be more like your character? Added pointy ears and tattoo.

6. Have you ever changed your character's PB / would you ever? Why, or why not? No and no. Bloom is too perfect for words. If possible I would want him to play Alec in a movie, though he'd probably be too old by then.

7. Where did you find icons of your PB, or did you make them yourself? Made them my self and a few were gifts.

8. Is it important to have an appropriate PB for your character? Why or why not? Yes. It represents who the character is and allows other people to see what they look like.

9. Have you ever been favorably/unfavorably predisposed towards a character because you liked or didn't like the PB choice? I don't know.

10. Have you ever had a character who was represented by text icons / no icon only because they were too difficult to find a PB for? Jono. I still haven't found the right one so I've used just pictures of things and not people to express his moods.


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