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Alec's new Recruit

disclaimers: Alec isn't mine nor is the ppc if it was then I'd be the happies person in the world! Buffy and Van   Fanel isn'tmine either. Only Pequad is mine.

Authors Notes: Thank U for the reviews!  lol! I really liked them except for Veet that was really mean and if u review my sotry again I shall delete u because its not nice to say such things and I worked very hard on this sotry and i've been having a hard tiem lately and it hurts when u say mean things like that and I may not want to write anymore. :(


Alec took Pequad to his response center and said "this is my response center. I sleep heer and Mark-cee sleeps there. do have a place to sleep?"  Pequad shook her head, "No the so said that i should find my place with my mentor." Alec said, "okay I guess you can sleep here. Ill get you a sleeping bag and some blankets well get you a bed later." Pequad said "Okay."  Alec sat in a char and he looked at pequad. She was so pretty"Why don't you tell me about yourself." Peqaud smiled. "Okay" she said.

"i was adopted by a colony of gnomes when i was just a baby. My real parents left me because they thought i was cursed. I lived with the gnomes but i thought i was ugly because everyone else didn't look like me.  when i turned fifteen i ran away from home but got hopelessly lost and found my way back. but much to my surprise the colony of gnomes had been murdered by a tribe of were-wolves.  I went to seek revenge against the werewolves and ran into Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  She said I was like a slayer but had more powers. And she helped me defeate the werewolves. from there I went and killed off all the evil werewolves in myworld but I fell in love withone who wasn't evil. and we were goingto get married but on the wedding day somethign horrible and tragic happened. my parents...my real parents came back and said that i was a princess and betrothed to mary a king named Van Fanel. i didn't want to so i ran away and found my way to the ppc!"

"That was very brave ofyou though iam sad that u had toleave theperson you loved behind."  said alec. peqaud sniffed and said 'it'sokay i still love him even if i cant be with him.' alec nodded. 'yes love is a good thing.' she asked him,'wahat about you? what is your story?"

"i used to be the worst gary stu out int the entire multiverrse. I had girls fallingover me but then one day i heard of Jay and accadia and i relaized what a bad person i was so i decided to reform. i joined the ppc and met a guy named lorac (A/N I HATE HIM!!!1!) and he was really nice to me but i soon realized that he only wanted me for sex and he abused me and raped me and i was very sad. (A/N Poor Alec. *huggles him*). and then i met verra, she a dragon and she saved me from lorac and we got married but we got divorced because dragons and humans don't work well together. so i live here now and she left the ppc."  he said and looked at her with his big soulfool brown eyes that held the pain of the multiverse. "i would like to find some one to love."  Pequad reached over and squeezed his hand. She said "i beleve u will find someone who loves you jusxt as much as u love them.:  "Alec smiled at her and he said, just as long as it's not a guy i don't like sleeping with guys.'  she smiled back "if you don't like guys then the person u fall in love with will not be a guy." he shuddered"good i don't think i could take another guy. they all like me  because i'm pretty." 'you aren't pretty your very handsome!" pequad said.  alec brushed red "that is verynice of you to say." "where is mark-see?" peqaud asked. "idon't know Alec said" 'we shoud go look for her' 'yeswe should."

alec got up and heput on hissword. he said "i think she weent to the cafateria." "Okay lets go there' alec nodded and and pequad went out into the ppc hq.  they walk down the gray corridors when they heard screaming!!


Authors Note! OHNOES!!! Someone is in trouble!! Who is it?! And what will alecc and pequad do!1 please Read and review! If i don't get five reviews i won't update!11

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Alec's New Recruit

disclaimer: PPC not mine! though i wish it was! I luv them their soooooo asweome!  this is about a agent who hasn't been around lately, but he was my first love!1 (even if he is married.)

Author's notes! Alec isn't married!! he got divorced and he's really sad now. :(  and I'm not really sure what his powers are so i'm just saying that he's really good with fire and he can turn things into things.


Alec troven was one of the PPC's finest agents. he was a shinning example of everything that the PPC could do right. he was a gary stu that went good.  he was the agent that took out Marrisa Picard.  he could do anything but apparently keep his marrage together.  dragons and humans were too different.  So he got a divorce with his wife they were still friends though. they just weren't married any more.

One day Alec was walking back from the gym all hot and sweaty to his response center three bee. his midnight black hair was plastered to his face and his dark brown soulful eyes with their cats slit pupils darted around looking for trouble or mary sues, becuase he knew that even HQ wasn't safe from invasion and his t-shirt was tight against his muscles that were well defined fromyears of fighting. as he was walking he saw a confused looking agent.  "hello" he siad "can I help you?" She smiled at him and he saw that he was very pretty. Her hair was golden blonde and cut short and her eyes were gray. (an: see she doesn't look perfect so she's not a Mary Sue!) she was wearing a recruits uniform too. "hi I'm Pequad... I'm looking for three bee."  "Three bee! Why that's my repsonse center! why are you looking for that?" "Im supposed to meet my mentor there." "mentor? you mean Mark-see?" Pequad looked at her paper that told her where to go.  "no Alec troven?" Alec smiled "that's me!" "really?! That's great!" "Yes I'll show yuo where to go."


A/N: Sofrry it's so short! I just wnated to start the story! I promise the next one is longer! please R&R!!!
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Well fuck.

Alert's been put out that there's a PPC fan fiction archive. Crap. I thought we got through this already.  Last time this happened I ended up getting dumped by Verra and sleeping with Irvine. And the SUES! Dear gods the PPC Sues! They were terrible.

I'm afraid to go look.
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Lookie another one )

Shoot me. Please. Just kill me. I mean I like Irvine He's a cool guy and everything. And I was hitting on him the other night, but I was just kidding around. I'd never do something like this. I wonder if I can sue for character defimation?
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Oh great. The stupid bint's updated. And Lorac's moved onto ... I think Ginger. Hope she doesn't find out or she's gonna be pisssed.

The Fic if you can call it that )
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I was looking on the PPC section of the Pit of Voles and I came upon this... this .... this TRAVESTY OF A FIC!!

Playing with hearts )

And then after I find this? I find Lorac and Verra kissing!!!! GAHHHHHHHH!!! Ewww!!


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