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I just feel like ... I don't know... in one of those not quite mortal and not quite from here moods.

I've been fiddling around with my Inn and have decided to make it a bit of a... trap for people. Just to see what happens. Make it so people can come in and can't leave. Or so that so some people can come and not leave. It's more fun when people can't figure out why some can leave and they can't. Well, fun for me. Not necessarily them. It'd probably be more frustrating for them.

Which is entertaining for me.

And then we'll twist around some other things and see what happens.

I won't kill them.

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In a testament to the weirdness of the Inn, no dust had settled on the exposed surfaces in the time he'd abandoned it. Instead it stood static, like a picture, waiting for something, most likely him, to bring it back to life again. Even the contents in the kitchen fridge were still good.

Flipping through the desk sign in book, every name from before was still there. Looking at them, Alec felt a minor pang of sorrow. All these people who he'd lost contact with, drifting away on their own paths from their own choices, good and bad for both parties involved. He flipped the book open to a new page and scrawled the date down carefully. New beginning, new page.

It felt like there should be ghosts, from the violence that broke here. But the man who did it wasn't the same man anymore. Perhaps that's why. Though, it still existed here, he could feel it in the writing on the walls.

Alec walked upstairs to the one floor of rooms. No one being here, no one staying here, it looked just like a normal sized inn hallway, with ten doors on each side. Poking his head in a room, he found that the rooms even looked like a regular hotel room. At least, when he checked, there wasn't a King James Bible in one of the drawers. As the only person in the entire Inn, it responded to his wishes completely. He would never wish for a bible in a drawer. The concept was completely alien to him. The religion as well. What he learned of it, confused him. But that wasn't what was important now.

Going back down, he trailed his fingers on the wood, feeling the grains bump across the tips.

"I guess, we're open, if anyone ever comes," he said out loud to the Inn. Nothing changed. He didn't expect it to, but he knew the doorways to all the possible places where a person would need a place to stay, were reopened.

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