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Alec Troven ([personal profile] element_wizard) wrote2009-09-22 09:32 am
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Father Daughter talks.

"Do you realize how awkward you've made my life?" Alec asked. His voice doesn't betray any sort of emotion, from seriousness to lighthearted teasing. His face is unreadable as well. Across from him sits a teenage girl, about sixteen years old waif with honey colored hair and a mischievous look in her eyes. She's sipping on a Pepsi. There's only Pepsi in the lovely beach hut. Coke Cola is dangerous.

"I do, da'," she says. Sari continues to sip her drink watching her father. Her legs swing absently as she sits.

"And of course you went to Phoenix first."

"I'm sorry da'," she says. She's not, they both know it. Above them a seagull cries out as it flies over them towards the ocean. "I really wanted to meet him."

Alec really wants to be angry at her for reappearing. She's supposed to be dead. But then again this her, isn't the her that died, any more than he is the him that married her mother. At this point he wasn't even sure who her mother really was. Likely she was like his older-self, an echo of a passing possible dream. And if his older self was real enough, she was too. There was no question about it. Vaguely he wonders what his older self and older Phoenix think about this all. And then when an older Sari will show up to interact with them. Probably soon. As if she can tell what he's thinking, she gives him a smile. "Right. Fine. See how much control I have over my life." He sighs. "Pass the chips, would you?"

"Yes, da," she says, pushing the plate over to him.