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A weird bit of story

Title Beginnings Middles and Ends
Fandom Alec's Weirdness
Notes Um. Yes. Been reading Neil Gaimen.

Would you like a lime?

Here, sit down and I'll tell you a story. Take the lime too, I found it somewhere. I could tell you where, but it's not important. Maybe you'll figure it out later. Fridge brilliance. Or fridge logic. I suppose your mileage may very on that. And on those last three sentences. I can't tell you what I mean, because that would ruin it. Private joke. So, a story.

First, let me introduce myself. My name's Alec Troven. That's not my first name, no one but two people in the world know that one, and I'm not telling it. It's rather embarrassing. I go by Alec now. It's who I became. It's now who I've always been: Alexander Raven Troven. My father is Raven Alexander Troven. But he's not important, not to this story. It used to be important, when he was someone else back when I was someone else. But I'm not, I'm me now. And that's the past that doesn't exist any more. Except for me. I mean, it exists for me because it happened to me. Everything that happened to me exists for me, even if it doesn't exist for the other people it happened to. I have a memory, a life that happens between the fluidity of words and the pauses of sentences.

Reality is rather malleable if you know the right people. After all people get reinvented all the time. They just know the right "authors" as you will.

Here's a beginning for me. It's a story, I promise.

Once, there was a thought. An "ohh shiny" thought. A thought that wanted to be everything and go everywhere. But it couldn't do that, because there were Rules and Regulations and Copyrights. The universe is full of those. Not being able to do that, the thought pretended to go everywhere and be everything. It got obnoxiously over-powered, that thought. It could do anything. But then the thought wanted to be shared, so it had to change, it had to find a place to live and it had to give up its powers. The thought always remembered who it used to be.

Not much of a story. How about this one?

In the beginning. In the beginning chaos was created. And when chaos was created it gave the multiverse the oomph it needed to create life and everything. Now, chaos, being chaos, could do anything. It's all random chance isn't it? The playing of the odds. Luck -good and bad - can happen. Every what if and what about. It can do anything. So, on an off probability chance, it incarnated into a human form. It had pointy ears (because those are neat) and brown eyes that used to be able to look into the heart of everything and scare people silly. Its hair was the black of the space between the stars. This, I'll have you know, is rather silly and was eventually changed to something much more sensible: mud brown eyes and ordinary black hair. The pointy ears were kept, they're not silly. At least not as silly as eyes that can look into infinity. And Chaos would live until the end of everything, because as long as there was chaos there would be Chaos. He lives a long life and gets sort of crotchety near the end. Collects everything. Has a lot of flings. Some times settles down, some times not, but generally amuses himself in ways that shouldn't be mentioned.

Good and evil mean nothing to the impartiality of chaos.

One final beginning.

There is a city of wizards. They're wizards because that's what their race is called. Wizards. You've got male and female wizards. What makes a wizard a wizard? They can control one of the four classical (Western Culture) elements. Or they can control all four. It gets messy otherwise. In this city a woman gives birth to a pair of twins. They weren't expecting twins, but I guess few people do. One twin, the older, a girl was born ten minutes before midnight. The other, a boy, was born five minutes afterwards. This meant they had different birthdays. What made it even more fun, was that the boy was born on a leap day that came every five years. Currently that means I'm only about five years old, as my sister likes to remind me. In a teasing way. Now this particular family of wizards was supposed to be fire wizards. But a mixing of Fey blood sort of screwed that all up. His older brother is a wind wizard, his mother is an earth wizard (Okay, yes, there's some inbreeding) his sister is a water wizard, his father is a proper fire wizard. As for the youngest? He turned out to be an element wizard. The first born in a thousand years after all the other families and blood lines were killed off. This caused all sorts of problems but in the end (so far) it works out all right. He finds love with a guy who is a bit of a prick sometimes, it's not true love, but that's okay because he doesn't really believe in true love. It's a comfortable love and he's happy.

There's more to the story, but this is just the beginnings.

All of them are true. At the same time.

Just go with me on this.

Now that we have our beginnings, we can go to our middles.