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2016-04-08 09:53 am
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((This is a work in progress. Some of the pictures from DeviantArt are taken for their images and not the actual titles.))

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2015-04-07 05:25 pm
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Ten Forward App

Your name or online alias: Kippur
Your email: kippur@mad.scientist.com
Another preferred means of contact: AIM: kippurbirdy
Character's Full Name: Alexander “Alec” Raven Troven
Character's Journal Name: [personal profile] element_wizard
What would you like your character's tag to be?: Alec Troven

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2015-04-05 03:42 pm
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Alec Troven
Chaos Embodiment

Code by Yuff
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2014-05-08 06:37 pm
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Powers, He's got Lots.

Since Alec has a lot of powers and abilities at various times in his life, I've compiled a TL:DR list for people to look at if they so choose.

Here's the List

The older he gets the more powerful he gets. So, depending on where he his in his timeline depends on how and what he can do.
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2014-04-22 03:54 pm
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(no subject)

Player's Name: Kippur
Are you over 16? Yes’um.
Characters Played Here: N/A

Character: Alexander “Alec” Raven Troven

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2014-04-22 03:48 pm
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How's My Driving?

How's My Driving?

Anon enabled, but no screening
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2011-10-24 12:13 am
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(no subject)

Well, I changed my user name. After ... years of being just my name I decided to go for something actually descriptive of what I am. Admittedly this is more my canon me, but I think it fits. And besides, chaos is totally an element if I want it to be.

My brother got a new account all together. [livejournal.com profile] troven_tinkerer, but all the details haven't been filled in yet. Mostly because Kips never really used his old account so why not make him a new one? I suppose that means Lar should get one too. Jono's already works with [livejournal.com profile] cutting_visions . Personally I think it was fifteen bucks well spent on my name change.

But of course I do. I'm vain like that.

So. Yeah. New name, same old nut.

Oh! And I got to talk to Michael after AGES.

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2009-12-07 09:42 am
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A weird bit of story

Title Beginnings Middles and Ends
Fandom Alec's Weirdness
Notes Um. Yes. Been reading Neil Gaimen.

Would you like a lime?

Here, sit down and I'll tell you a story. Take the lime too, I found it somewhere. I could tell you where, but it's not important. Maybe you'll figure it out later. Fridge brilliance. Or fridge logic. I suppose your mileage may very on that. And on those last three sentences. I can't tell you what I mean, because that would ruin it. Private joke. So, a story.

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2009-07-01 11:25 am
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I haz fan art

Alec Fan art

I'm a handsome looking devil, aren't I?
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2009-05-29 08:11 pm
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Shameless Begging.

So, I'm shilling my soul out here for Kips.

Come take a look at our new com: [livejournal.com profile] godsquare. It's a pan fandom game, locked world, OCs allowed.

We really want it to work. So, please, come take a look and if you're not interested in it, ask someone who might be.
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2009-04-21 11:37 am
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What Alec Actually Does All Day

Title: Unexpected Impressions, a Protectors of the Plot Continuum Mission.
Fandom: Um... PPC and Dragon Riders of Pern
Rating: PG for nasty Sueness.
Summary:  Alec and Marc-C go to Pern, kill a Sue and will likely get into trouble with the Flowers later.

Marc-C came into the Department of Improbabilities in room 3b (the continuing whereabouts of rooms 3a and 3c were still unknown, though rumor had it that 3a may be located next to the dungeons) to discover her partner, Alec, playing a game of Solitaire with a deck of Tarot cards. The large woman, with short blonde hair and far too many guns stared at the slighter fey looking man until he looked up and gave her a bit of a smile.

And the mission continues )
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2007-05-25 11:36 am
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(no subject)

Something I discovered about Alec.

He does nothing in halves. If he's going to do something, he'll put his full effort into it. If he's going to be a friend, then he'll be a friend and do whatever it takes to be a friend. He'll see a person through thick and thin. If he loves someone, then he puts his heart and every emotion into them. He'll love them fully, without question. If he's going to do something, then he'll do what he can to see it through. No matter what.  If he says he'll get something, then he'll do whatever it takes to get it.  If he cares, then he cares all the way.

This is something that all versions of him does. From Older to little. Even the insane one.

I think this is also a flaw of his.  Because it leaves him open to being hurt when the other person rebuffs his efforts or turns on him.  He put so much of himself into whatever he's doing that when it gets turned on him, it hurts him deeply.  He wears his heart on his sleeve I suppose, leaving him open to being hurt.  And people can take advantage of his putting his full effort into something.  If he's in a relationship, he's not likely to break it off because he's invested so much of himself into it and he'll put up with abuse. He'll try whatever it takes to make it work, because that's what's supposed to be.  And when it falls apart... well, he'll just spin off into confusion.

Yes. So, that's what I discovered.
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2006-09-14 11:33 pm
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OOC Fight Scene from Novel

            At the guard’s headquarters Eldric Ruge led Alec into the armory. Much to his delight, his invitation to spar had been taken up.  Alec had just shown up at his office blurting out, “You said you wanted to see me fight?”

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2006-08-21 01:29 pm
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because I am Sheep OOC

What's something about Alec that you've always wanted to know? Ask! And I shall try and tell.
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2006-05-05 11:39 am
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I generally don't step out of character in my things with Alec, letting them play out they way they play out with out explaining, because somethings just don't get explained out. But because some people get touchy about these things I'm putting this in.

Sari is turning out to be autistic. I don't know why, but that's the way it is. Alec does know what autism is becuase of his connection to me, he just doesn't know how to deal with it, because he's never had to take care of an autistic child.

I don't think there will be a miracle cure. There usually isn't in these things. But she's young yet, so it's not the end of the line.
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2006-04-15 07:21 pm

(no subject)

Have done something rather silly and created a LJ community for the Discworld. It's called [profile] notpureinwater.

Ten internet cookies for those who can figure out where I got the name for the community from.