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Do to Phoenix? Y/N
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What about when he is sleeping?

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You'll get in trouble? Oh no!

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That's good, I don't want you to get in bad trouble.
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Oh, fun!

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I didn't suggest lipstick.

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For fuck's sake don't go mentioning corsets either...
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...Why not? Nevermind, forget I said anything.

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We've been through this befo... Oh, okay. No we haven't yet.

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There's nothing wrong with them.
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On the right person.
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Have you worn them before?

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I'm over 900 years old, I did a lot of dumb things, okay?
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I never said it was a dumb thing.

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And anyway, my hair's too short.
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But I won't.

The rubber stamp is actually kinda hot. .. Hey, I could stamp 'mine' all over you.
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And no. You won't get to do anything back. 'Cause you'll be tied to the bed.
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I'll bet you will.

Okay, so maybe not forever, but at least until Vahl slaps me upside the head.
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He's not big on tying up more than one person at a time.

So yeah. He'll probably just make the most of having you all tied up.
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Are my ears burning?
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Little Omegas who tell fibs, end up in in terrible trouble.
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By that logic, it's easy for skin to burn without the presence of flames.
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Acid? Something supernaturally induced? A nasty rash?
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Yup. You totally knew you shouldn't have asked that question.