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Awkward introductions

Alec honestly didn't know what his life was sometimes.

Not that he particularly cared in this particular instance. Having Phoenix around made life insanely better. It was so rare for him have someone around that he knew in these situations. (The whole being older than Alec was used to was taking some getting used to, but Phoenix was Phoenix.) They'd gone for a walk around the ship, Alec giving him a tour with occasional snog stops.

And they'd gotten back to Alec's room leaving Alec feeling like he was thinking about asking his date up to his room. They'd been trying to keep it slow and so he wasn't really sure if he wanted Phoenix to come in.

Also, he had no idea if DJ was home or not. From what Alec recalled of the man's schedule, such as it was, he'd probably be sleep.


Having Phoenix come in and possible other things that could happen followed by DJ walking in would be... awkward.

However, any sort of thought in that direction got derailed when he heard loud noise coming from inside. He turned on heel and slammed the door opened... or however the doors are opened... magichandwave thingy... and darted inside, leaving room for Phoenix to follow.

"DJ?" Alec called out, heading to the other man's room. "You alright?"
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[ooc: He's wearing clothes, since he hates having his cybernetic components exposed, plus he's susceptible to being cold. Long sleeves and pants - though currently it's really thin, light material to sleep in. Some of the pieces and wiring would be able to be partially seen against the fabric]

DJ tended to rest and be up at odd hours during the 24 hour on-ship schedule. When not in his room, he tended to wander the halls aimlessly where he could - catching naps in odd places. The man near constantly had the shadowed look of the sleep deprived. Sleeping was in a sense, a coping mechanism for him due to the inability to shut off his empathy. However, it wasn't the best coping mechanism to have, when rest was constantly plagued by horrible nightmares or flickers of a past he did not know.

This time was no exception - and it was one of the worst.

By the time his unaware room mate and companion had returned to their shared quarters - DJ was in the deep throws of a pretty bad night terror. He struggled in his sleep as if his life depended on it - fighting to dislodge or fend off someone. The large bang that had been heard outside - was his bed literally flung against the wall with an invisible hand - as DJ hit the floor in a tangle of blankets, arms and legs and long sleep matted black hair.

DJ didn't have any personal belongings, having arrived on the ship in just the clothes on his back. In contrast with the rest of Alec's quarters, his room was spartan and only contained the basic furniture within it. The only recent addition was DJ's guitar in the corner.

Everything had been knocked over or flung aside as if from an invisible force. Everything. Even the guitar. There was a heavy feeling in the air, tingling with a fading static charge. Semi-conscious in that half awake disoriented state, DJ curled up on the floor facing away from his bedroom door with a quiet agonized moan. He could taste blood on his lips. Was his nose bleeding? He heard distant yelling as his awareness slowly returned that sounded like his room mate. The turbulent emotions and the fear, left over from the dreams hovered psychically around him like an invisible cloud. All he could do was lay in limp horror, pain and exhaustion.

This just wasn't his night.
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Exploring Enterprise with Alec has been fun. A ship the size of a small city, and the one he loves, a starfield view out of every window. Phoenix is enjoying himself more than many others who have been bought here, and for once he's refusing to feel guilty about it. It seems Alec needs him, and he's only too happy to devote himself to this younger version of his lover.

Hence all the stops in nooks and crannies for kissing ... and seeing how many times he can manage to get his fingers under Alec's shirt.

It's because Alec seems so vulnerable, emotionally, that Phoenix is quite prepared to accept not being taken into Alec’s bed. That and the fact of room-mates. There may be separated bedrooms, but it can still be awkward, although for a while all seems quiet. 

Despite that, he's still about to grab Alec and kiss him into a stupor, just because ... when there's a commotion from the other bedchamber.

Concerned, Phoenix follows Alec inside. It's a mess, like something has blown aside the furniture and.. what looks like a guitar. The hairs all over his body prickle at him, and the air in the room feels weighted somehow. His senses have been hit and miss on arrival, but he can feel that it seems to be focussed around the prone man.

He's quick to dash to the guy's side and crouch down, remembering Alec's occasional mention of him. DJ. That's it. From what Phoenix can see of the man; head, fingers, there's a bizarre series of what looks like electrical implants. Medical? Maybe. The poor guy looks like an aborted borg assimilation but the tech is all wrong.
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It was his room mate that had been talking. Embarrassment mixed in with the horror and confusion. At first he didn't know where he was but soon came to realize it was his room when he caught glimpses of the overturned furniture. He also sensed before he saw, a new person he hadn't seen before - and he cringed away jerkily, long frame visibly shaking.

He couldn't immediately spot his data PADD either, and he huddled in the blankets, gingerly touching his mouth where he tasted blood. It appeared he had bit his lip and it wasn't his nose bleeding. He couldn't look up at Alec or the stranger either. All he could do was lower his head into his hands.

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Despite his many flaws, the angel has a huge capacity for compassion when people are unhappy, or suffering.

“S'okay,” he says gently. “You don't have to be sorry for anything.” Phoenix makes no move to touch the guy, not even a friendly hand on his shoulder. The body language is s strong message that DJ might not be too comfortable with strangers.

He glances around at the room, in such disarray, but DJ's current condition needs to be seen to first. “Let me get you a hot drink maybe? Or something stronger?”
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DJ looked up briefly, dark angled eyes nervously flicking from Alec to the newcomer and back again. He was pale, and his gaze was fertive and emotion filled. Even after being on the ship for a little while, the man was still rather skittish. He swallowed hard, silent for a few moments after the strangers offered to get him a drink. He had no idea who he was, but he seemed nice at least - seeming to know not to approach too closely.

"Green tea. Please." He responsed finally, hoarse whisper shaking as much as he was physically. He looked towards Alec who was offering his data PADD. He must have found it on the floor. He took the device - trying to still his hands and failing.

"Y-yeah." He muttered, kneading long fingers in a distressed fashion through his mussed hair. "Bad."
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He could probably summon a green tea, but Phoenix uses the chance to leave the room and use the replicator to make one. It seems like DJ is slightly less uncomfortable with Alec.

The angel selects the tea and gives it a few minutes before returning with it. He crouches down again, trying not to crowd the man, and passes him the cup. DJ's lip has blood on it and Phoenix isn't sure if his offer will be accepted, but he has to try.

"I can fix that for you, if you want." He touches his own lip to illustrate what he means.