element_wizard: (coy look)
Alec Troven ([personal profile] element_wizard) wrote2015-11-09 10:22 pm

Awkward introductions

Alec honestly didn't know what his life was sometimes.

Not that he particularly cared in this particular instance. Having Phoenix around made life insanely better. It was so rare for him have someone around that he knew in these situations. (The whole being older than Alec was used to was taking some getting used to, but Phoenix was Phoenix.) They'd gone for a walk around the ship, Alec giving him a tour with occasional snog stops.

And they'd gotten back to Alec's room leaving Alec feeling like he was thinking about asking his date up to his room. They'd been trying to keep it slow and so he wasn't really sure if he wanted Phoenix to come in.

Also, he had no idea if DJ was home or not. From what Alec recalled of the man's schedule, such as it was, he'd probably be sleep.


Having Phoenix come in and possible other things that could happen followed by DJ walking in would be... awkward.

However, any sort of thought in that direction got derailed when he heard loud noise coming from inside. He turned on heel and slammed the door opened... or however the doors are opened... magichandwave thingy... and darted inside, leaving room for Phoenix to follow.

"DJ?" Alec called out, heading to the other man's room. "You alright?"

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