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Alec Troven ([personal profile] element_wizard) wrote2009-08-20 09:20 am
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Dreaming of To come and Gone

The surussing of the waves always drifted Alec to sleep quickly. That, plus Phoenix made it even easier to sleep. While getting to sleep was easy, in the floppy comfiness of the bed, dreams were another matter. His mind let loose to drift among thoughts and realities of his different selves meandered through memories as well.

Babylon Five as an ambassador, or a telepath, or a visitor, or a fey bent on conquering the known galaxy, showing up the Volrons and the Shadows. He liked doing that. "Not the only one..." He mumbled as the dreams, that self drifted away.

"But of course not, that's why ..." his voice took on a Cajun accent as he found himself an alternate who was Gambit's son. That soothed out, his accent returning to the normal kind of almost alien Gaelic lilt.

Into his past, or perhaps his future, he dreamed "Mm... Kratz? Lorac? You're...but... but...I don't understand!" This one lingered, capturing him, keeping him like rat in a cage. "No... I can't hurt... please don't hurt her! Him... I lov... no..." He gook a deep sobbing breath. "No.. Lorac... please."

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