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Name:Alec Troven
Age Looks to be about 23ish. Has forgotten how old he is, but is really old.

Height 5'11"

Weight 140 lbs

Eyes Mud Brown

Hair Black

Physical Description

Lanky with dusky skin, Alec has a fey look about him complete with pointy ears, an exceptionally hard time growing facial hair and at times a slightly superior attitude. His hair is the sort that refuses to stay neat no matter what he does to it and he's long since given up on trying. There is a scar that slashes over his left eye and a blue, crescent moon shaped tattoo on his right. The clothes he tends to favor are a bit on the haphazard side, rather like he's half-ass cosplaying some obscure character. That is jeans and usually a t-shirt under a bright blue overcoat with gold trim and steel toed boots. Sometimes he can be found wearing a sword on his right hip, other times not. He gives off the air of a slightly demented budgie; someone is just sort of stumbling through life without any real idea where he's going or what he's doing.


Alec has a rather mishmash of powers. His most proficient one is the manipulation of the four elements. He's a minor empath and precognitive and has an uncanny knack for finding anything. The finding things knack is probably related to his precognition.

Also he's a great big Gary Stu and can manipulate time and reality calling himself the physical embodiment of Chaos. He doesn't call himself a Gary Stu in public but essentially, if he wanted to, he could do whatever he wanted to do. He just doesn't because it's rude and people get annoyed.

Go here to see information about his world.
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