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The Last Clean Shirt

He thought that he could get away with it. Vahl was in the shower after all. Perhaps he should have been better about keeping track of his laundry; but he was out of clean shirts and the rest were currently in the dryer. It wouldn’t be that long, maybe another five minutes. That’s all. Considering how long Vahl tended to take in the shower he should be able to borrow Vahl’s shirt for the time it took for the laundry to finish and return it without his Alpha even realizing it.

How wrong he was.

It was the telepathic link. It was so very much the telepathic link. He really should remember that.

Just as he got his hands on the shirt he felt someone looming behind him.

The shirt got plucked gently from his grasp as a quiet voice purred into his ear, “Oh, no you don’t, Little Omega…”

Turning around slowly he found himself backed in against the wall by a damp and naked Vahl. A damp, naked and with a very predatory look in his eyes, Alpha Vahl.

“Vahl…” he tried to get out something more, but he found himself starting shirk down instead for about three seconds before getting very wetly kissed – and not just because Vahl was still soaking wet raising a hand up to stroke at his ear.

About five minutes later the dryer buzzer went off and a smug Vahl stepped away from an Alec who wasn’t exactly sure what just happened to those past five minutes. Or where those five minutes went.

“I think your shirts are dry now,” Vahl said lightly, gently pushing Alec towards the laundry after one brief and last kiss to his nose.

“Um… yeah… I guess so…” Blinking dazedly he stumbled a few feet forward.

“And now you don’t need my last clean shirt any more, either.”

“I guess not…”

“Good Little Omega.”
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It's a personal favourite that I don't often get the chance to use. As is the tattoo icon.

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Yus, he has only himself to blame.