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Player's Name: Kippur
Are you over 16? Yes’um.
Characters Played Here: N/A

Character: Alexander “Alec” Raven Troven

World Description:

History: See above. Alec will be coming in shortly after Kratz revealing himself to be Lorac. Generally creeped out and possibly having gotten there by skittering through a tear he should have been closing up. At this point he’s already been into several different kinds of realities that differ greatly from his own home. Ones that resemble modern day Earth to space stations like Babylon 5 (not actually B5 in this case) to worlds where magic is completely different than his own. It’s given him a basic understanding of more advanced technology but still it’s very strange.


At this point in his life, Alec is at a crossroads in where he’s going and what he’s going to become. Quite a bit of what he’s learned in the past has been turned upside down and he’s not exactly sure what to make of it. He’d been told all his life that he mustn’t use his elemental abilities, and yet suddenly he’s being told that he must use them. If he doesn’t use them he could die or have horrible things happen to him or the people he loves. And not only that but he’s using them wrong, he needs to get better at using them and if he doesn’t well…

He’s spent his entire life believing that his godfather was one person and now he turns out to be the boogieman and someone he thought would have been long dead. And not only that be it still hasn’t quite sunk in that the entire reason that the boogieman became the boogieman was because of him. Lorac fell in love with him and because of that killed thousands of people just so he could be with Alec again. That every single move and motive that his godfather did over his entire life had been to make Alec into the man he fell in love with. And that really scares the shit out of him.

All he really wants is for things to go back to the way they used to be, before he got the sword, before he learned who Kratz used to be. When he could just be the third child of the Trovens, no one of particular importance. He knows they can’t go back that way, for he can’t change the past, but everything was so much easier then. He knew who he was. He knew, if not what he wanted to do with his life, what was expected of him (which was very little) and he knew he could do that. Just being allowed to explore his relationship with Jono, with getting back to being in the city and going back to school.

Admittedly, part of him does really like the sword and the responsibilities. He’s always loved the stories of the champions of old. Of Granter, the man who pulled down the moon. The stories that Marliana told him while he was in fairy utterly failing at learning how to be a good Champion. He even likes the other four champions of his time in the few times they’ve crossed paths. However they all seem to think that he should be their leader and he really doesn’t want to have anything to do with that. He doesn’t think he knows how to be a leader. And going into other worlds and seeing all those other things there, the other technologies, the other ways people live. The cities, the aliens, the everything! Everything is beyond whatever he could have imagined and he wants to see and try it all out. He wants to know everything.

Despite his tentative travels into other realms, some things haven’t quite changed. He still hasn’t quite gotten a handle on the idea that the word wizard and witch don’t mean the same thing in every world. That when he says things like the “wizard’s city” people won’t know what he means. That people will consider him human when he considers himself anything but. Humans are beneath him. Most people are beneath him because he’s a wizard and not only that a member of one of the First Families. It’s not something he does intentionally, it’s just very internalized prejudice.

Alec is also just starting up the mental self-defense mechanism of “what I do in other realities doesn’t count as real”. It’s really the only way he can handle the fact that time seems to pass strangely for him and the fact that he’s had to do things that he’s really uncomfortable with, like killing people or even attacking them. It’s one thing to get into a fist fight with someone over an insult, it’s another thing to go up against someone using his powers with the intention of seriously injuring them because they’re in the way of something he needs.

Try to focus on things like the character's motivations, morality, views of family and friendships, hopes, fears, etc.

Why do you think your character would work in this setting?

Despite his slightly arrogant view on wizards versus others, he is eager to learn and see new things. He wants to know more about everything. And so while a bit awkward at the whole having to work for a living thing, he does want to try. It’s different. Though entering accidentally, he’s more than willing to stay because he really doesn’t want to deal with the issues back home. He’s realized that time moves differently when he’s in a world other than his own and so it’ll give him time to think about how to handle the whole, “Your godfather is really the psychotic wizard who destroyed an entire city just so he could live long enough until you were born and restart your relationship.”

What will your character do for work?

Entertainment - he can play several instruments and tell some really good epic stories all bard like.

The stables/where ever there’s livestock - he knows how to handle horses, goats and sheep. (He will not touch cows except after a great deal of showing that no, they’re not going to gouge him and/or trample him at the drop of a hat.)


* Sword of Dragons, magical sword that allows him to cut holes and repair them in reality. Also helps enhance his abilities.

* Chain and leather armor, fey made, so very durable.

* Traveling pack with a change of clothes, camping supplies, money and traveling food.

* Flute, handmade

* Knife made of obsidian

Samples: And now for the hard part! If you need a prompt for your samples, refer back to the Applications Page.

Third-Person Sample:

The whole intake processes had been… for lack of a better word… queer. They’d run Alec through what they called a health scan. They took some of his blood for archival purposes… he thought that’s what they meant and asked him lots of questions of his home, where it was located, what it was like, geographical things. As if they were trying to figure out how to find it again. Pointing out that he could find it again with his sword had brought a few more questions. Mostly, how does it do that?

He didn’t know.

He didn’t make the sword. He just used it.

But he did agree to stay for six months. It was for purely selfish reasons. Alec needed time to think about how to deal with Kratz… Lorac… whoever he was. Six months was hopefully plenty of time.

Sighing he rested his head against the table and pushed that thought out of his mind. Instead he had to finish filling out the intake form. Most of it had been easy. There was just one thing that had gotten him stuck.

The job. What would he do for work while in New Dodge?

If he was honest with himself, he didn’t really have any job skills. Why would he need them? He was a Troven. Trovens had other people do things for them. He was idle rich. All he had to do was go to school and talk to people diplomatically at parties. (And make sure Jono didn’t do anything completely stupid.) He couldn’t cook, didn’t know anything about the science stuff, couldn’t grow a tree if his life depended on it. Biting his lip he stared at the page, twirling the pen around in his fingers.


He did, sort of, have a trade. Uncle Cricket said that he could have made journeyman within a year. Would that count?

Very carefully he wrote down the word, “Dard” before following it up with… “entertainment” with the “a” and two of the “e”s backwards. After a second’s thought he added, remembering his travels with his grandfather and the daily routines with the animals, “I all so now how to hanble horses anb other live stock.”

First-Person Sample:

This is a foolish idea.

An incredibly foolish idea.

I know this and yet I’m still going to do it.

I know, I know, I just seem to be doing more and more stupid things lately.

It seems like there are these boundaries that I can push that I didn’t realize existed before. I want to try and see what I can do and I can’t do it at home. Everyone is still scared of me. Oh, the fey marked me as theirs but I think that just made it worse. I can’t hide who I am any more. Everyone knows that I could be like him. And now he’s here. Alive.

There’s this look in his eyes, this horrible possessive look that I will be his no matter who he has to kill or what he has to do. And I think the only way to stop him is to kill him but I don’t think I could kill him. We were in love. I may still be.

I don’t know.

I just… I just need time to think. To sort these things through.

I’ll be back, of course. I’ll always be back.

But for right now, I just can’t be home.

You can yell at me about it later.

I’ll make it up to you later. Promise.

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