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Alec Troven ([personal profile] element_wizard) wrote2013-07-06 05:31 pm

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Alec's Inn is one of those places that either you know how to get into, or you just end up wandering into by accident. The inside is a bit on the old fashioned side with check in desk right in front when a person walks in and stairs to the right. On the left is a restaurant and to the right is a public room. It looks perfectly normal except for small things like a sign saying, "All Bills will be paid, with no exceptions. I know where you live and can get your money without your permission. With interest" or the waitress with horns coming out of her curly hair.

Currently Alec is working the front desk, which means he's sitting up there and reading because business has been a bit slow. Also he's still nursing that black eye his sister gave him. Because life sucks.

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