element_wizard: (wind)
Alec Troven ([personal profile] element_wizard) wrote2009-06-15 09:39 am
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On Memes

You know, I see a lot of those anonymous confession posts and things where you go to this other post and comment with your name. Then people anonymously comment about you. I don't think I like them very much. I know I've rubbed a lot of people the wrong way over the years and I like to think that I've rubbed them the right way too. The thing is, no matter which way I've rubbed them, I'd rather tell them to their face as myself or have them tell me to my face as themselves.

Any other way just seems cowardly.

I'm not saying that this makes the people who do them cowards or anything like that. This is just my own feelings on the manner and why I'm not going to do them or answer them.

This is just coming up because I'm seeing them all up and down my friend's list.

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