Sep. 10th, 2009 09:35 am
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Alecs are like cats. They're highly curious and good at getting into places they shouldn't be able to. They saunter into places like they belong there and then somehow end up locked in the cupboard yowling to get let out. When they are let out, the utterly meant it. Completely. Totally. Yes. They meant to get trapped in the cupboard/fall off the couch/slide head first into the window. Though they would be highly insulted if anyone ever compared them to a cat.

Alec, being an Alec, being THE Alec is of course king of this cat-ness.

Which is why he's trying to open up a box currently.

He found it hidden away in a closet. Not his closet. Or Phoenix's. Or anyone he knows closet. He's not even sure where the closet is located or how he got into it. All he knows is that there's this box. It's about the size of a shoe box, made of varnished wood with delightful blues and greens painted in the shape of peacock feathers. It's also locked.

Which automatically means that Alec must unlock it.

If something is locked, there must be something interesting in it, otherwise it wouldn't be locked, now would it?

The lock having been picked, Alec struggled to open the lid. It's stuck.

"Bloody stupid thing... open why don't you!"

The lid snapped off, smacking Alec in the nose. He dropped the box and something glittering rolled out skittering away.

"HEY! Come back here!" he called out, scrambling after the small glowing creature. The two of them tumbled out of the closet into a bedroom where a woman and man stood talking. They were both dressed in what Alec would hazard as Greek clothes.

They stared down at him, shocked. After all it's not every day that some strange man comes tumbling out of the closet chasing after a shiny... creature... ancient Greece... locked box. "... oops."
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The information on this is true, except for the birth dates, different calender, you know?

>.> :D ?

Jun. 21st, 2009 10:55 am
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Um. I blame Ash.

South Park Alec

South Park Phoenix

It's Phoenix! Can't you tell by the Halo?!

From here.
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Shamelessly I have brought Trey back from oblivion. Maybe he and Schnozz can play.


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