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Email fail, cause it's all the rage

Hey Rin,

Do you want a copy of Boustar's Temporal-Line Theories of Marginal Realities or Malster's Time Upon the Stars? I haven't found Love and the Edge of Event Horizon yet.

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It's a festival day set aside for romance and sex, thus pressurising the general populace into thinking they're less than worthy if they spend it alone. Or elect not to spend a small fortune on rare blooms, a romantic dinner, or the usual ... You get the drift.

[Cynical? Him?]

One could argue that St. Valentine's day or Naery'Enan, are also days when one finds the person(s) they like or want has no interest in them.

What a fascinating individual. An old friend?
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I do rather resent being told when to express my love. Or more specifically when the date implies that I'm failing in not expressing it.

From your world?
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[He'll be confused for a moment, before responding.]

The date.. Day, month. As opposed to the object of my passion. Speaking of which, I very much do love you, my darling. Do I express myself well enough? [If Vahl used emoticons, there would be a wink at the end of that sentence.]

I hope Phoenix and I will meet him at some time.
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[He will be keeping this email, and well done, Alec. you have completely distracted your Alpha from the subject of this friend of yours.]

Are you busy right now?
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[After ten minutes or so:]

How would you like to explore the Detian Waterfalls in China, with me.. for a few hours?

After which, I thought we could meet Phoenix somewhere nice and intimate, for dinner.
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[And the next moment, Vahl is there beside him, offering a smile and a hand.]

Then come along, little Omega.
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Yes, but you're coming in with me.
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If I'm getting wet, you're getting wet. Although I will promise to dry you.
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Actually, now you've mentioned it, a proper swim sounds more attractive than a dunking. Very well. I won't insist on your getting wet, but you may want to.

[With a half-grin] Alec, why are we still here?
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Oh, I see. Blame the Alpha why don't you.

[And Alec will now be grabbed and kissed... just as they de-manifest.]