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Email fail, cause it's all the rage

Hey Rin,

Do you want a copy of Boustar's Temporal-Line Theories of Marginal Realities or Malster's Time Upon the Stars? I haven't found Love and the Edge of Event Horizon yet.

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Who is Rin?
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Oh, that's nice! If I see the book anywhere I'll let you know.

I had a great time watching all of those movies.

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Oh! Check my shop! It's full of things, the book might be there. How do you find interdimensional bars?

I'd do a movie marathon with you any time.

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It was my Mom's, and she had a tendency to pick up things from all types.

...I may have but I've got memory issues.

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We've got an overflowing shelf full of books.

Yes, thank you! I want to see it!

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It's a book case, but I called it a shelf. The box it came in said bookshelf.

[It went over her head]

I think I'll love it.

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Hey Al,

Is this an either/or question or can I say yes to both? I haven't read either. Please give them to me.

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You're the bomb diggity.

...I've just been informed that nobody else says bomb diggity anymore. Sorry.
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Buggerfucknuts is obviously a perfectly acceptable compound word, dude. It doesn't have to be a thing, you just squish all the bits together and it becomes one.
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That's totally deep.

And I've been informed I have to stop talking like a surfer, which is no fun, but apparently we're worried about the impression we're making.
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0|2 |_337 5|>34|
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Babe no.

That's just mean. No.
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Love and the Edge of Event Horizon?

Interesting text, I'd imagine. Your friend sounds well-read.
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And love, apparently. Or is that something less romantic than it sounds? Like Quark, Strangeness, and Charm?
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Cuckolded spouses, various deities and a good number of demonic entities. And of course all those people who never receive a card on St Valentines day, or a floral tribute at Naery'Enan.

[Who'd have ever thought Vahl listens to Hawkwind?]

So it's a multiversal and or temporal theory text? I might see if I can acquire a copy myself.

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[personal profile] twofold_psyche 2016-05-02 06:32 pm (UTC)(link)
It's an inter-realm festival of love on Keldra. If you find a red, black or purple flower, or a variegation of two or more of those colours, left mysteriously on your pillow one day... that will be why.

[And Vahl has no reason to think Alec is lying. At least not by email.]

Would you do me a favour and try to obtain two copies?
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[personal profile] twofold_psyche 2016-05-02 06:47 pm (UTC)(link)
Without analysing the entirety of Keldran colour symbolism, basically: Red for blood, associated with incubus vampires, with passion, and the base chakra. Purple for that which is enlightened and understanding, the crown chakra. Black for sin, and the darkness of night.

[And Vahl could spout on about them all day...]

Thank you.

Does your friend have difficulty getting hold of these texts?
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[personal profile] twofold_psyche 2016-05-02 07:15 pm (UTC)(link)
For the children and the younger teenagers, white and lilac-coloured blooms are more appropriate. White for innocence, and lilac has more or less the same meaning as the darker purple. It's' a little like Valentines day cards, The older children give those ... cutsey things, where the adult are running around snorting over the dirty ones.

[No, not personal choices, merely the colours dictated by the event.]

Do you have such a day in your world?

He's a similar sort of traveller to you then? [Vahl is always intrigued by reality hoppers.]
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[personal profile] twofold_psyche 2016-05-03 03:28 pm (UTC)(link)
It's a festival day set aside for romance and sex, thus pressurising the general populace into thinking they're less than worthy if they spend it alone. Or elect not to spend a small fortune on rare blooms, a romantic dinner, or the usual ... You get the drift.

[Cynical? Him?]

One could argue that St. Valentine's day or Naery'Enan, are also days when one finds the person(s) they like or want has no interest in them.

What a fascinating individual. An old friend?
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I do rather resent being told when to express my love. Or more specifically when the date implies that I'm failing in not expressing it.

From your world?
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[He'll be confused for a moment, before responding.]

The date.. Day, month. As opposed to the object of my passion. Speaking of which, I very much do love you, my darling. Do I express myself well enough? [If Vahl used emoticons, there would be a wink at the end of that sentence.]

I hope Phoenix and I will meet him at some time.
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[He will be keeping this email, and well done, Alec. you have completely distracted your Alpha from the subject of this friend of yours.]

Are you busy right now?
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[After ten minutes or so:]

How would you like to explore the Detian Waterfalls in China, with me.. for a few hours?

After which, I thought we could meet Phoenix somewhere nice and intimate, for dinner.
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[And the next moment, Vahl is there beside him, offering a smile and a hand.]

Then come along, little Omega.
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Yes, but you're coming in with me.
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If I'm getting wet, you're getting wet. Although I will promise to dry you.
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[personal profile] twofold_psyche 2016-05-03 09:20 pm (UTC)(link)
Actually, now you've mentioned it, a proper swim sounds more attractive than a dunking. Very well. I won't insist on your getting wet, but you may want to.

[With a half-grin] Alec, why are we still here?
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Oh, I see. Blame the Alpha why don't you.

[And Alec will now be grabbed and kissed... just as they de-manifest.]